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Night Vision Is Decreasing

Guest ChasesMum

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Guest ChasesMum

Chase is 8.5yo and recently her night vision has decreased. 5 years ago or so, we noticed some suspicious things and poor night vision and after thorough opth testing she was diagnosed reluctantly with Pannus and put on eye drops. Everything reversed and she has been fine. Eye drops have been a nightly thing this whole time.


She was also diagnosed with low thyroid (had a full panel done) and though it was a trial of meds, she responded well and hse been on a low dose for years as well. I have been tempted to take her off and redo the panel but I didnt want the eye thing to come back, I understand they are/can be related.


At her dental in November they noticed an elevated creatinine but did not do a urine sample, they advised that if things didnt improve (she was extra lazy) to redo the bloodwork after her abx but she seemed fine after.


Now, over the last month or so we have noticed some cloudiness and her night vision is obviously decreased. She won't do stairs in the dark, she needs a light on. She won't jump off our bed in the dark, she needs a light on. things like that.


I havent taken her in - honestly I am almost scared to. I don't want her to be sick, and I don't particularly want to take her back to the very pricy opth that she saw before...though obviously I will if her vet wants to refer her. Its tempting to take her 3.5 hours away to the vet school in Calgary instead.


anyways... any thoughts? Should I bring up the thyroid panel with the vet again? Should we redo the creatinine and add in a urine test? Could this be something else or maybe just aging?








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I do know that the thyroid can affect vision, but I don't know that it would just be night vision. If a full panel hasn't been done for some time, I sure would revisit that.

As for the Creat, I wouldn't judge that without the BUN being off.

Whatever you do, please keep us posted and we are hoping for the very best for her.



Missing my little Misty who took a huge piece of my heart with her on 5/2/09, and Ekko, on 6/28/12



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I would get her back to the eye specialist to see if you can slow down the clouding. There are several different types of drops available for Pannus. Maybe she just needs a switch.

They should charge less for rechecks after the initial visit.



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