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Wobenzym- How Do You Give It? Pkg Says Before Meals With Lots Of Water

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Rickie has developed some arthritis in his right front leg - this is the leg where he had partial carpal fusion surgery in 2004. I have Metacam for the very bad times, but wanted something safer for long term use. My holistic vet recommended a combination of Wobenzym and Zeel.


The Wobenzym package says to take this between 30 and 60 minutes before a meal, with "plenty of liquid".


For those of you using this medication:


- do you give it before a meal like that?

- how do you ensure the "plenty of liquid" part


If you also use Zeel, the instructions say to dissolve this on the tongue. How in the world do you give that? Is it OK to crush it and put it into a liquid or something like cream cheese that is lickable?


I will also call the vet to get his ideas, but wanted to check with anyone actually using these products as well.


(Edited because of spelling.)

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I've used Zeel and am using Traumeel. I wet the pill w/ a little water and give it to alan in ricotta cheese. If it were me, I would put it under the tongue, but that won't work for him.

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When I used the wobenzyme, I gave it to Diesel before meals but didn't worry so much about water. He would usually tank up after eating anyway, but if he didn't want to drink there is no way he would anyway. I didn't see a huge difference with the wobenzyme and used 3 bottles of the spendy stuff. He is now on DGP and that works better for him and me as well as he is more willing to take his "back pills".

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