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Not To Jinx It....

Guest newmama4Cooper

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Guest newmama4Cooper

We finally had two days of solid logs!! Cooper had the big D for months and months! We are down to just rice and the massively expensive I/D. We do half an Immodium every other day, moving that to every third day. I am just glad there are no more pudding piles!


It's sad how excited I get about solid poop! Thanks for listening through all the struggles with my boy. You guys have helped a ton!


Any suggestions on maintaining these results? I assume I have to leave him on super high priced dog food.... Thanks again!




:yay :yay :yay :yay


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It's amazing how excited we can get about solid waste! Congrats to you and Cooper!


Yes, you probably should keep doing exactly what you're doing, expensive food and all. It's working so I wouldn't try and mess around with it.


greysmom :D

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Good poop is worth celebrating! It is part of what makes us greyhound owners appear nuts to the rest of the world....


So, yahoo, to Cooper and his "firm" work ethic.

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