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Signatures And Dragons

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Taken directly from the pinned thread in the tech forum on signatures

We all enjoy seeing pictures and text in member signatures, but in order to maintain the layout and to ensure a speedy response for members using slower dialup connections, the following guidelines are imposed on member signatures.

The new "Commercial" guidelines are to stop the look of the "Virtual Billboard" that has been becoming more prevalent.



Signature Policy


Text - 4 lines total and this includes blank lines. There is also a size limit on text: only one line of large text, no bigger than size 7; the rest of the lines of text should be size 4 or less. {the standard post text is size 3}

Images - total combined size cannot exceed 15k in file size and 500x150 image size, and should be pet related. Only one row of images. No animation other than local emoticons.

Commercial Advertisements (logos/images/text) - 275x75 image size or less and only one line of text (this goes toward your 4 lines total). Your commercial logo counts toward your total Image size of 15k and 500x150, here are two examples to use as a guide on the maximum allowable size. Advertising is limited for your own product.



Notice a few things - ONE ROW OF IMAGES that cannot exceed 15k and 500x150 COMBINED

we'd been letting the "pet related" portion of it slide for the dragon things, but if I have to keep editing so many signatures every day, all the dragons will be gone.


Make sure your dragons are following the signature guidelines


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Guest celticfairiemom


Make sure your dragons are following the signature guidelines


LOL> that one line made me laugh - bet you never thought you would have to say *that

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Maybe we need a DragonTalk.com :P


Charlie the iggy, Hada the podenco maneta, Georgie Girl (UMR Cordella), Lulu the podenco andaluz
Angels: Mazy (CBR Crazy Girl), Potato, my mystery ibizan girl, Allen (M's Pretty Boy), Percy (Fast But True), Mikey (Doray's Patuti), Pudge le mutt, Tessa the iggy, Possum (Apostle), Gracie (Dusty Lady), Harold (Slatex Harold), "Cousin" Simon our step-iggy, Little Dude the iggy ,Bandit (Bb Blue Jay), Niña the galgo, Wally (Allen Hogg), Thane (Pog Mo Thoine), Oliver (JJ Special Agent), Comet, & Rosie our original mutt.

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