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What's Wrong With Taylor's Ear?

Guest taylorsmom

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Guest taylorsmom

Hi everyone--

Something strange seems to be going on with one of Taylor's ears today. She is shaking her head a lot and she is holding her right ear cocked at a funny angle. When I gently press on the outside of that ear, like to give an ear rub, she screams :unsure

I just looked in it with a flashlight and I see absolutely nothing wrong--no redness, no inflammation, no gunk or wax or dirt, no foreign bodies. She is holding her head slightly tilted towards that side, but seems to be walking fine and doesn't appear to be having any balance issues, unsteadiness, or anything overtly neurological from what I can tell. She is eating and peeing/pooping fine.

If this continues through the next day or so I will certainly take her to the vet. But does this sound at all familiar to anyone? Any ideas? Should I try to do an ear flush in case there is something in there I can't see, or should I just leave it alone???


here's one picture (complete with stink-eye) of her showing how she is holding her ear (it is the fawn-colored one):



and another:



Thanks for any and all help!!!

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Flashy did this before and he had one heck of an ear infection. Hug Taylor for me. :grouphug


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Guest taylorsmom
Is there any odor coming from the ear?


Absolutely none, it is as clean as can be too. I am all too familiar with nasty yeasty ear infections because my Lab gets them frequently, so I definitely recognize the odor and the nasty brown gunk is unmistakable, but Taylor has none of these symptoms.

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Took Max to the vet last week because he had been scratching his ears a lot and determined he had a yeast infection from ear scrapings the vet took. His ears did not smell and the brown/black goop was way down in his ear canal. His ears looked pretty clean to me.

One week of ear drops and he is not scratching at all now.


Leanne :)

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With something like that which comes on suddenly and causes that much discomfort and distress, I'd always take them in ASAP.


The ear canal is longer than you think. I've seen all kinds of foreign bodies down there which are not visible to the naked eye, from grass seeds to beetles. It could also be an infection in the middle ear - you might not see gloop or smell with that one, not until/unless the ear drum is ruptured. :(




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