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Last Round Of Matching


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If you haven't entered yet and still wish to, you have about another week to go - the earlier the better as I'll close the system for entries if we go a few days with no entries.


Right now my plan is to give it another week before making the last round of matches.


So, if you were contemplating, figure it out soon so you can get your entry in before I close it down :xmas

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Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Huh, Huh??

Patience is really not my virtue :P

Besides, the stores are HEEPED HIGH with all kinds of very cool stuff, but maybe not for long B)

OK, I have a shopping problem, alright?? :lol

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Guest greymomx2
You just need six more posts to join in on the fun :) Go reply to some cute and funny threads :)


yes, add some quick replies! The SS experience is way too fun to miss out on! :D


PS - we also need to work on getting you an avatar and a siggy photo! :)

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Guest LazyBones

you can check in the "merchandise" section for ideas. some of the folks here run specials for this event. also, there is a thread or two in this subforum where people talk about their hounds and themselves.


of course, if you need additional info about your recipient, you could always ask somebody to be an evil elf for you as a way of getting info anonymously. :)

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