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What Could This Be?

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Guest amberj002

Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed Nadia licking and biting at her front leg a few times...after the first couple I told myself to make note of where she was licking and the next time I noticed it was in the same spot, at the front of her leg. So tonight I sat down and rubbed her leg, she pulled back a couple times but I could have been annoying her too. I could see a very little lump and when I squeeze it, I feel a tiny lump under her skin, you can't see it on the skin, when I pull up her skin, I can pinch it. It is very small.


She just had a cyst on the top of her head that felt very similar, it got to about the size of an eraser head and went away on its own...the vet said to watch it and wouldn't be concerned if it grew, thankfully it went away on its own...an obviously she wouldn't have been able to lick or bite the top of her head...I just wonder if it is the same thing? Or how concerned I should be? I will call the vet on Monday...it is so little they couldn't aspirate it (it is smaller than the one on her head was when I took her in and they said they wouldn't be able to get that one).


Thanks for reading, I am a nervous momma:(



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My girl Sadi is plagued with sebacious cysts....she always has a few "ripening" somewhere on her ;) ....she had a strange round lump come up on her rump a couple of weeks back which felt as though it was filled with fluid so I had the vet check it and he said that as she has a history of having cysts it was most likely to be another one, just deeper under the skin, either that or a lipoma. One thing I will say is that Sadi is never bothered by her cysts, doesn't try to lick them.


Get it checked by the vet to put your mind at rest....It is probably just another cyst.


Best wishes from me and Miss Sadi (member of the "lumpy greyhound club")

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If she's licking at it, it's more likely to be something that's got under the skin and is irritating her, or a blocked gland that's itching... but yes, get the vet to take a look, if only because if she just keeps licking, she's going to make herself raw - and that can be hard to heal. :)


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