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Has Anyone Read This Book?

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Just read this article in Slate which referred to it. Wondering if anyone has read it and has opinions?


Old Country Vet


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I haven't read it, but from what I got from the links, I wouldn't waste my money on it.


In the end you need to find a vet you are comfortable with and you can trust. If you trust your vet than you shouldn't have to worry that they are trying to "rip you off" or doing anything that they wouldn't do to their own pet.







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I read the article. I'm on the fence. Like Dr Feeman said find a vet you can trust and stick with them. When we moved here the first vet we used was nice enough but her prices were exorbitant. For example she charged me $35 for phenobarbital that I was able to get at Rite-Aid for $13. I just changed doctors. Now I have one I trust although the care here costs more than it did in NC.


I don't believe that people become veterinarians for the money.

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I don't believe that people become veterinarians for the money.


Until they establish a veterinary specialty for plastic surgery, I doubt many do. :)


But how many people bounce from vet to vet to vet because of a single incident? Some of these may be quite serious, but I don't know of any vets batting better than .999.


I mean, it can be *tough* to find a good vet, and even harder to find one that sees eye to eye with individual preferences- like raw feeding.

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