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Drinking Lots Of Water

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I've noticed over the past week or so, Max is drinking a lot more water. He has never been much of a water drinker (one of the reasons I soak his kibble in water) and he's now drinking his bowl dry at one go, a few times a day. This isn't a steady pattern, he can go most of the day without drinking and then consume a lot. In the overall scheme, I don't think he's drinking an abnormal amount but it is a lot for him (I'm going to start actually mearsuring and keeping track tomorrow). He's peeing what I would say is an equitable amount, with no indication of an inability to hold it, he sleeps through the night.


He isn't different in any other way - still his usual, goofy self! His creatinine has always been a bit on the high side - I believe the last time it was 1.7, never higher. The one thing that is different is I've recently switched foods, to Orijen wild fish formula. This food has no carbs and a high protein value - over 40%. I know for kidney problems a low protein diet is recommended - could a high protein food be stressing his kidneys? Or could it just be making him thirstier? It has been a bit hot the past couple of days, but he was also drinking like this when it was cooler, earlier this week.


I'm going to get an urinanalysis and take him for a check up but just wondered if there were any similar experiences with a high protein food...

My boys, together again...




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Guest minzenon

Not sure why a retired greyhound would need a 40%protein diet. My racing greys werent getting that high a protein. When Shae retired he couldnt handle the protein level he was on - drinking, constipation etc, so I dropped his protein level back. If they are not racing and not using up the high protein then it can cause problems. Usually with excessive drinking its a UTI.

Check the colour of the urine and the smell, that will also give you an indication

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Tipper has diabetes. When she drinks a lot it usually means that I have to increase her insulin.

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One of my greyhounds has a normal creatinine level of 2.1. You can take a urine sample to your vet. Depending on what that sample reveals, you can do a blood test for creatinine plus BUN levels. If all are normal (remember a greyhound has a higher creatinine level), you may not have anything to worry about. Don't worry about a higher creatinine level unless the BUN level is out of normal range. The blood test may also reveal the possibility of diabetes. But get that urine sample analyzed first.


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Guest Tigonie

Actually, the hypothesis that low protein food is better for dogs with kidney problems is somewhat in debate among the experts. From what I understand the bigger factor is phosphorus (low phosphorus being easier on the kidneys).


Dumb question: has it been hotter than normal there (or at least hotter than it has been)? That might account for more water consumption.


I'd keep an eye on the water and check for signs of UTI, which others have already said. Sounds like you've had bloodwork done in the past. You may want to think about comparative testing, if the drinking continues to be abnormal and it's not a UTI.

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