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Valley Fever

Guest Ritz

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How long can Valley Fever stay dormant in a greyhound before causing real heath problems?

My greyhound raced in Arizona but has live in BC with us for 5, almost 6, years. She has always had minor coughing and lameness due to what we thought was arthritis. In November of 2006 she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. As you know OS tends to take dogs quickly and we opted for pain management only but now 9 months later she has a large tumor in her right leg and is sometimes completely lame but at other times looks fine and runs full speed. She eats well and most of the time is a happy dog.

Someone has suggested this could be Valley Fever but is it possible almost 6 years later? Vets up here do not know of Vallet Fever so I am trying to do research before bringing this possibility to them.



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Guest azlorenz

I would recommend you contact Dr. Lisa Shubitz (lfshubit@u.arizona.edu) at the Valley Fever Center for Excellence in Tucson, Arizona.


Here is a link to their website:



I currently have a greyhound battling Valley Fever but holding her own. My greyhound Jeffrey lost his battle with Valley Fever in August 2003.

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Guest greytloves

Hmm...not sure, but I'm bumping this in case anyone else knows.


Dr Stack's book states that xrays on a valley fever dog may resemble osteosarcoma and if so, test for cocci titer.

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I don't know, but I would not let her run! If she does have osteo that leg can just snap and would be unbelievably painful.



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Guest guinness_the_greyt

My boy Memphis has been Valley Fever positive since I got him 3 years ago. (who knows how long he was positive before that!!!) His titer stayed 1:4 for 3 years and JUST NOW made him extremely ill.


You are right that bone lesions look like osteo on an xray...


Testing for Valley Fever is a simple blood test.... Please get it done. If he does in deed have VF and it goes untreated if will move from him lungs - into his bones - then into his central nervous system - then into his brain. It becomes painful but is completely treatable when caught early.

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Thank you all. I will continue my research and we will do some testing. Either way she is sick and we need to keep her happy and comfortable. Which we are doing to the best or our ablity.



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