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Alan doesn't seem like himself lately and the past 2 days has very soft poop when he does go. I give him pumpkin, been giving him rice & beef or rice & chicken and yesterday gave him 1 1/2 of Immodium. Still soft today, but he's also yawning a lot and salivating/licking with his tongue (if you know what I mean). I'm thinking that maybe he's nauseaus. Any advice? He gets two pepcids a day as well.

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Don't know what to tell you but here's :grouphug


Hey we're related! Wally's grandpa was Wigwam Wag. (Wally's our new boy)


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It's hot as He77 Sue, he's probalby not that interested in food. Try some vanilla yogert. If he like it, try mixing it with his kibble.



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