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My Boy Ate A Bone :(

Guest henryb

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Guest henryb

Last Thursday night my sweet little boy ate a steak bone. :lol He was fine for most of Friday, but progressed and started with the diarrhea on friday night. The poor boy was absolutely miserable by Saturday, vomiting and bloody diarrhea every couple of hours. We went to the ER, they kept him started him on fluids and meds. His X-ray was negative. He came home Sunday night.


Monday he seemed like he was really getting better. No vomiting and one little poop in the afternoon.


This morning he vomited right after I tried to give him his Metronidazole pill. I gave it to him with a little PB but before he had eaten. I was hoping he had vomited because he had it on an empty stomach. I gave him some chicken, which he kept down. This afternoon on our walk he vomited, just bile. I did give him dinner after our walk (chicken and rice).


In retrospect, I'm thinking I should have held the food and take him to the vet?


I guess there's no hope that this vomiting thing will work itself out?


I guess the good news is he seems like he's in better spirits.


I guess I'm just frustrated. I hate seeing him like this.

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What kind of steak bone was it? I think I would be worried, too. I would take him to your regular vet...



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Did he chew up the bone or swallow it whole? Is he still pooping normally? Any tummy tenderness?


Honestly, the digestive upset could have just been because he ate something unusual and probably with spices/sauce on it. Vomiting bile just means that his stomach is hungry and empty - some chicken and rice (overcooked) should be fine to feed. If he is vomiting up food then don't feed him for a half/full day, and if he's vomiting blood take him to the vet asap.

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Guest gr84me

I would take him to a greyhound-savvy vet ASAP, if he is vomiting (with blood or not) or if he is not eating or pooping as normal.


Brody tore apart and swallowed part of a rubber chew toy (there's an old thread about it here somewhere) and for a few days I thought he was going to be fine. Almost a week afterwards, he started retching and couldn't eat. Long story short - the toy part had finally moved to the intestine and there was a blockage.


A bone would probably show up on a regular X-ray; however, if the vet wants to do a barium X-ray, please please please ask if they can use another substance instead of barium.


If they find a blockage, and they've used barium, they'll have to wait until the barium clears the system before they can do surgery, which is not going to happen because of the blockage - vicious cycle. I know of at least one other dog that was lost because of that.


Don't mean to scare you - I hope this turns out to be just one of those things that passes through, but maybe having a vet check him out would put your mind at ease by ruling out a perforation or blockage.


Let us know how he's feeling!



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Guest paulamariez

How's your boy doing? My hound Domino ate a bit of chicken bones a little while back and I was a basket case worrying about them hurting him. Luckily I realized what he was doing when I heard him crunching away so he didn't eat too much and I know by the crunching that at least he chewed them up quite a bit. Fortunately he didn't have any problems at all. But your guy sort of sounds like he's throwing up the yellow bile from being hungry. If he doesn't get better quick, I think, unfortunately a trip to the vet might be in order. I say unfortunately because I know how expensive these dumb trips can be, not to mention the dogs usually hate them! Also, make sure there's no blood in the poop either! Hope things are back to normal by now. These hounds and the garbarge.....aaaargh!

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Guest henryb

He seems to be better today....knock on wood. He hasn't vomited any more. He kept down both Breakfast and Dinner, along with his pills. We had three good walks....and even some extra energy to play.


Thanks for all the information.


Hope he does just as well tomorrow;)

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