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  1. Why is it that I can be in the kitchen downstairs and call the greys who are upstairs and there is no response from them? But unwrap a slice of cheese and they fly down in the blink of an eye!
  2. We attended the Great Lakes Greyhound Gatherings when they were up and running. We met Connie the first year we attended and we knew she was a special person. Always smiling and having an outgoing personality with everyone. Never a dull moment when Connie was close by. She was a good friend of the greys. Cammie, we offer our sympathy on the loss of your mother. We are pretty sure she stopped by the Rainbow Bridge, picked up a bunch of hounds, and crossed the bridge with them. We will miss her. Gary & Connie Holder Harrisburg, NC
  3. Have you tried a thundercoat? They are available in many pet stores and Sam's Club. They do not work with all greys, but are effective on some. The trick is to cinch the band pretty tightly. That way the feel cuddled and secure. I think they go for around $30 to $40. We have fostered many spooks over the years and the coats seem to work well with most of them. Good Luck with your thunderphobic grey. Gary
  4. greytdaddy

    My Sweet Spy

    Darlene, We are so very sorry to hear about Spy. We both know how much you love him and we think he knows it too. You provided a loving home for him along with all the love he needed. Please let us know if you need anything. We will be there. He's not gone, he's just gone ahead. You will see him again one day. Gary & Connie P.S. Give some extra love and hugs to your other 3 babies who will also be missing Spy. Love and prayers from Connie & Gary and the Holder Hounds.
  5. Many of you will recall the posting about Super Spooky Eve posted in July by her adoption group It’s A Grey Area in Pearl River Louisiana. They were having some challenges in finding just the right family to adopt her and looking for a perfect match for this little Sweetheart. Because of her special needs and quirks she was also causing some chaos at the kennels and foster homes and not progressing happily. We are happy to say we are the proud new parents of Eve and it’s turning out to be a match made in heaven, with just a few little speed bumps along the way. Although we work as
  6. I would like to add one thing to this if I may. While the hounds and cats may get along in the house, outside may be a different matter. Sometimes it seems that once outside, all the rules are tossed out and anything goes as far as the grey interacting with the cat. Not sure why this is, but it sometime happens. Good luck with your training. Gary
  7. If you find my old thread,,I think it was there,,that someone posted that the guru of Osteo,,Dr Cuoto,,stated in all his years he has only seen osteo start in toes twice, that it is indeed very rare. A couple of other posters told me that it could of course be another cancer which is why I did the fine needle aspirate. as one poster told me, she would not remove a toe without finding out why. As I told you we found nothing on the test and now, a couple of weeks later the lump is getting smaller and the pinkness that was ther eis all but gone. I hope you get the same type of results.
  8. greytdecals said "Dr. Couto, Oncologist at OSU Vet Clinic, said that in all of his career he has only seen bone cancer twice in the metatarsals out of all of the greyhounds he has treated for bone cancer(which we all know is way too many)....one of those is our Maggie-Mae." Our girl Lissa was the second one that Dr. Couto was talking about. He told us at the time that cancer in the toe was extremely rare. He knew of only one grey that had ever had it. We had Lissa's cancerous toe amputated and she did fine with one less toe. Lissa crossed over, but is was not due to cancer. She lived a coupl
  9. Darlene, We know how hard it has been and how agonizing it is to make this decision. We also know that you have to do what is right in your heart for Reggie. Connie wants to know if you would like her to come over tomorrow afternoon to do some healing touch and crystal energy work to help clear his energy fields, aleviate some of the pain, and help prepare him for his crossing to the bridge. We were planning on leaving around 5 or 6 Saturday morning for Wisconsin. However, if you are able to get him an appointment first thing Saturday morning, Connie can transport you and Reggie in our bigge
  10. Sadly, we have 2 babies that crossed to the Bridge. Ladybug, who passed from a massive heart attack on January 26th, and Lissa who crossed on December 8th. Momma and Daddy miss you babies. We love you both! Connie & Gary Holder
  11. Larry, we are so sorry to hear about Indy. We remember him well from the meet-n-greets and how well behaved he was. Run with the wind, Indy. Gary & Connie Holder
  12. Nancy and Bob, We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Major was always so stunning when we would see you at various Greyhound events. He is in good hands with the rest of our dearly departed hounds at the bridge. They are waiting for us and we WILL see them again. Gary & Connie Cruiser's former fosters
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