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  1. I'm sad to report that Dita died yesterday. She had lost a lot of weight and wasn't eating well although she was acting like her usual self. The vet couldn't find anything on a manual exam or much on x-ray and ultrasound. She did appear to have something unusual in her stomach so we scheduled her for surgery. It turned out that her stomach and intestines were fine but her spleen was highly suspicious. The vet went to take a sample to biopsy when she had some sort of event like a seizure and died. The vet said it was sudden and massive and was probably an aneurysm. Who knows. At least she went quickly. She was a grand old girl that we had since she was about 2. I'm sure she is running with all my other dogs and her greyhound friends over the bridge. I'm pretty sure she and her famous mother Loca are tearing it up! While we still have 2 dogs, we don't have a greyhound for the first time in many years. I'm sure we will get another but not right away.
  2. smday


    I am so sorry!
  3. I am so sorry. It's amazing how these JRT's implant themselves in our hearts. My Reggie meant the world to me as Jilly Bean did to you.
  4. Thank you for being there for him even though it was only for a few days. He did look happy with his special bed.
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    Mandys Grace

    I am so sorry! :f_pink
  6. We sent Best to the Rainbow Bridge today. He had been slowing down with various problems related to old age but generally was managing well. He started to limp occasionally on his right hind leg on Friday. The limp got rapidly worse and by this morning he was only using 3 legs. A radiograph of the right hind showed a definite bone lesion so it was time for Best to go. We got Best as a 9 year old bounce in May of 2007. He was the perfect dog - the only one I've ever had. Jon and I decided we needed to teach him a bad habit since he had much better manners than we did so we taught him to get on the couch. He took full advantage of the couch from that moment on! We feel so lucky to have had Best in our lives for over 4.5 years. We didn't really know what to expect when we adopted him. So many people on GT helped get Best from Virginia to Georgia. Gil (MisserGil) of GPA Richmond was in charge, Diane (VirginiaGreys) was Best's foster mom after he was returned. Lori (Greybookends)helped with the GUR.Everyone who participated in the GUR took great care of Best and sent gifts with him. He came with a complete wardrobe! Jon and I met Christel (CottageHoundDesigns) up in SC for the hand off and Best was home! We loved every minute with him and believe he loved us.
  7. So glad she's home! Also, hoping that Heart's pain meds kick in so she feels better.
  8. Gil, I am so sorry. You gave her some wonderful years and did the best for her.
  9. Update: Board certified radiologist looks at the x-rays and saw nothing abnormal at all. He looked at everything, pelvis, hips, on down to her wrist - said everything looked really great. So, hopefully just a soft tissue injury - maybe she slipped on some ice or something.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. The certified radiologist will be in to the vet center tomorrow and will look at the films. I am interested to hear what he/she says. The e-vet was aware that ACL tears are not so common in greyhounds. He said this was likely a degenerative condition as opposed to an injury. I took her to that particular e-vet even though it's not the closest to me because of all the specialists who work there during the week. It's an amazing place. Their surgeons are not "cut-happy" either. I took Best in in June for a consult about his laryngeal paralysis and they suggested basic management techniques which have worked so far.
  11. Dita started limping slightly on her left rear leg a couple of days ago. She was quite a bit worse this morning so I took her to the E-vet which is at a major vet center. X-rays were inconclusive but the exam indicated a ligament injury to her knee. The vet indicated that surgery was the best option given that Dita is only 8 and otherwise very active and healthy. My schedule is crazy for the next 2 weeks so the first time I could set up a surgical consultation is on 1/18. I'm thinking that this isn't a bad thing because we can see how she does with restricted activity and Metacam. On top of this, Best who is nearly 13 is having arthritis pain and possible long bone pain, although his x-rays are clear at this point. He is on Tramadol and Piroxacam. And the new puppy, Homer, a chihuahua mix, has demodex mange. He is on antibiotics and ivermec. All I do is give meds all day long!
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