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  1. I have seen first hand friends with greyhounds having heart related issues from feeding grain free diets. I’m a believer. I was feeding grain free myself with no issues it’s not worth the risk. Now I feed Purnia pro plan sport 30/20 and my hounds love it.
  2. Outside I would never ever let small fluffy dog around a grey unless you are 1000% sure they have a low prey drive. Our Maggie is great with our cats inside but outside all bets are off. Shes chases and goes after anything that moves close to the ground.
  3. I have one of these hounds too. We have had Fanny for over a year the freezing has much improved with a 2nd grey however, this time of yr with the thunderstorms, fireworks and I live in a neighborhood where there is always noise. For Fanny night time is the absolute worst. She is a mamas girl so... I circle her back around to get her to walk. I also have my husband walk her while I walk our other dogs which seems to also help. Continue repeation and working with gaining her confidence is what you need to do.
  4. Welcome Annie!! Im Kristen im from hanover pa im right over the hanover pa line. We use keystone greyhounds out of harrisburg pa. Im also a foster for them.
  5. I know it was one of the side effects which is why I started pushing to decrease it. But ive never seen a case where worsening of aniexty has happened causing aggression in any patient we have on it. Now alpraazolam is a different story. Ive personally never used either in any of my dogs until now. Im kind of sad I did.
  6. I wanted to see of anyone else has experienced this with there grey or any other breed of dog. So I used fluoxetine on my grey for separation aniexty and for those who have not used it the medication is given daily. THe medication takes 3-4weeks to reach is potential. At week 3 my hound developed complete behavior changes including fearfullness of other dogs, depression. So the vet I work for recommend decreasing the dose to every other day and her personality ìn one day is almost improved instantly. She is much happier. The doctor and I have never seen the medication change or make fearful behavior worst. Anyone else experience this? Anyone seen this as a side effect of this medication?
  7. I actually called this rescue this evening. I just feel like a horrible person. I mean I know there is never given when you when you foster that this will not happen. I feel bad this is my first foster experience and this happened. Plus this is only day 3. His behavior just continues and continues. It seemed to get better some from the first day. But he stalks the cats and looks for the all the time when they are around.
  8. So im currently Fostering a greyhound that has a super high prey drive and I was told he was cat friendly. Go figure I have 2 cats that he is constantly interested in. He muzzled all the time when in the house with the cats because he chases, snaps and looks for them all the time. He is never left unsupervised with the cats. Ive only experienced 2 times with the past 6 greys ive owned. He gets corrected with "no or leave it" and the water bottle has to be used from time to time if hes not listening. Im willing to work with him until he finds his forever home. It seems to be working. However im open to any suggestions that anyone has that may help more? Or any thoughts that may help others dealing with this?
  9. I'am so...sorry to hear the news. Im personally pro-amputation For a younger hound ages 10yr and under. I had 2 diagnosed with osteo one had it in 2 legs which comfort care or chemo but I very anti chemo with my previous experiences. So there for comfort care is what we did 2month was the most time we had with him. My other hound had it in the front leg and amputation was done and successful. The dog lived 1.5 yrs with no chemo. Its a really hard decision to make. Im sorry you have to through this
  10. Has anyone had a hound that the only food you can feed with out soft stool is iams in the green bag? Even mixing other food to change things up she gets loose stool. I mixed in new food for 3 weeks an soft stool continued. Went back to iams only the next day formed stool treats are not a problem its strictly the food change. I do not give a lot of treats but I found one she likes and that's all I feed.
  11. I use trifexis and it has been a good product. Its does not have tick protection. I also like the iverheart for heartworm and nextgard which is the new oral flea and tick.i dont trust the topicals because ive seen too many adverse skin reactions to them.
  12. I'm having the same issue with my hound. Im 100% sure it's the collar. So instead of the collar I got from rescue I'm buying a softer cotton collar to see if that works. I may do keep it off when not outside
  13. Ugh u are lucky there were no fireworks. We have so many it was unbelievable. Thundershirt nor the dap collar helped. She had slept in the closet every night for the last 3 days. Last night she did sleep on her bed most of the night. I'm just happy July 4th is over.
  14. This makes me so... upset Ive never had a hound that does this I feel better im not the only one.
  15. Is anyone having issues getting their greyhound to eat in the evening with all the storms?? I feel like every evening around dinner time mine will not eat. Now we've had a lot of evening storms recently. This just started this week. I just had bloodwork done for and laceration repair the week prior and everything was normal. The thunder shirt is on. She will only eat if I'm next to her at the bowl.
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