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  1. Like Guest said the hits keep coming. Please, tell Cap'n Jack's family how sorry his WFUBCC family are. so sad to hear this news & tell them to give him our love. AndiPants we like your pink tree. We also got your Christmas card today , thanks. The picture of you coursing is a great. Daphne & Bitzi just watching the TV
  2. Miss Jerilyn do you feel that snuggle ? It is from us, Daphne & Bitzi sending you virtual hugs. Daphne & Bitzi doing nothing once again today.
  3. I think so too & lightning the way is the moon. Hi all you fur kids , we wish you could still be with us & think of you often. Jerilyn you did a hard thing. HUGS Caroline, Daphne & Bitzi
  4. You know I was putting off coming to the club this afternoon. Such sad news our dear friend the lovely Lila is making her journey across the bridge. Lila we wish you a peaceful passing. Miss Jerilyn poor you, we are so sorry your girl had to make this trip. I was really hoping she could make to spring. You too Miss Nancy we are sorry you lost your friend What a sad day in the club, HUGS to all Daphne & BItzi
  5. Battle you done good & so did Miss Susan, congrats Miss FancyPants we were wondering where you were & are glad it is just a work overload that has created your absence Yesterday it rained, than it poured, than it rained back & forth but today the sun is out & it colder but the sun is out. Daphne & Bitzi who have been told no lounging outside today, drats Daphne & Bitzi
  6. We send you birthday greetings for a greyt year. Daphne & BItzi
  7. Miss Ducky you sure had a tough day of hard decisions. HUGS Goodnight Lila & Mistress will keep you in our prays. Daphne & Bitzi Oh almost forget & it is happy news . It is Galina's birthday. these are wishes for a great year.
  8. Spirit what is with you bro ? Not wanting breakfast in bed. I get that every morning & I highly recommend it. Mistress some decisions are beyond hard to make. Even if Lila isnt her energetic sell slow & old is ok. Miss Lucy has some good words on that subject. Look those lines came & went all by themselves. Daphne & Bitzi not enjoying a very windy rainy day.
  9. Battle congrats to you, keep going buddy we know you will get the ch before your name. Oh yeah pee for Miss Susan. Night all, Daphne & Bitzi off to dreamland
  10. Did nothing today, plan to do the same tomorrow. Mom shared her turkey with us tonight & she said there is more for tomorrow Sweet dreams to all, Daphne & Bitzi
  11. Battle good luck to you tomorrow. By the way do you know a girl DH called Claire ? They showed the Phila Kennel Cub show today on TV. Guess who won Best of Show ? Claire did.. Good night all, Daphne & Bitzi
  12. Balti we are sorry for your news. We wish it goes really slowly & you can stay with Miss Tin & Mr Michael for a long time. AndiPants you got good news yesterday, old cast new cast you are the star Daphne & Bitzi doing nothing today
  13. Hi tout le monde Ivy your Dad's team almost pulled it off & would have won if that guy didnt fumble,sorry. Did we tell you we have a poopie next door? Her name is Wendy. She is a poodledoodle, honey brown,2 months old & very cute. mom says Miss Kate spent $2100.00 on a mixed breed dog. We see her thru our fence but mom wont let us meet until she has all her shots. She seem very nice & friendly. Molly how is the tummy ? We hope it has settled down. Night, night all Daphne & BItzi
  14. Isabelle your tree is beautius, so is yours Miss Molly. Battle your are right, a Deer Hound won best of show in Phila a few years back. The show is going on again but no spectators are allowed this year. Mom misses it. Here is an idea next year when ever body has their vaccination & we can go out in public. Come to Phila & recapture the Best of Show award. Mom would love to cheer you on. Tiller Hi are you taking good care of Miss Sherry ? Mom says I have to get off the puter & watch the Penn State game. Everbody hope Penn wins mom has been very unhappy with them
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