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Found 2 results

  1. Good evening, I am seeking advice regarding an issue I am having with my Grey (Keeper). About a week ago, Keeper did not want to eat his breakfast and I could hear his stomach gurgling. After reading some posts, I gave him a Pepcid Tablet and within 1 hour - he ate normally. My vet also recommended that I try to feed him a "snack" before bed as this may help with the stomach acid buildup overnight. My husband and I started that this last week and have had no problems since then (yay!). When Keeper does refuse to eat, it is usually accompanied by some loose stool; however, once he eats he gets back to normal very quickly. This brings us to last night. My husband and I were out for dinner and came home to find he had vomited in his crate, when we let him out he continued to vomit (approximately 5 more times), with the last few episodes consisting of mostly bile. Tonight, he doesn't want to eat his dinner. We plan to do the following and are open to suggestions/thoughts of what this may be and / or potential treatments: We will be bringing a stool sample into the vet tomorrow morning. Continue to give him a snack before bed (unless recommended differently from our vet) Please note the following: Keeper is drinking normally (without issue) and does not appear to be dehydrated (skin and gums in good color and responsive) He has seemingly normal energy overall and did play with his toys a bit today He has not had any blood in either his stool or his vomit - even when its been on the looser side There has been no new foods added to his diet and he has been eating the same food for over 5+ months without issues He has yogurt (plain, greek) and pumpkin added to his diet regularly Thank you for any thoughts/advice. I will keep you all posted on what the stool sample reads tomorrow as well.
  2. We adopted an ex-racer about 5 months ago. As expected, he initially had very loose stool every time (not liquid but very soft like mud). After an extensive deworming treatment, then another dewormer a few weeks later, he solidified a little but never entirely. His first poop in the morning is usually fairly solid but progressively through the day he gets looser. At night or directly after physical activity, he usually releases a big soft mudpie. I'm concerned because last night, we woke up and he had pooped in the house after pooping three times throughout the day and directly before we went to bed. Because of his deworming treatment I'm assuming it isn't an issue with worms. Is this soft poo normal for greyhounds? If not, what are things I can do to help solidify his stool? I tried switching from a chicken/rice mix to a lamb/rice mix but that hasn't seemed to help. Any suggestions welcome!
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