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Found 6 results

  1. We adopted our dog in August. He has always been a big mushy boy who likes to sleep and cuddle. He has always had an appetite and goes on walks no problem. When we adopted him he had hook worms and a dead tooth (we found out later). Since we got him weve had trouble with his stool. Its always been diarrhea and sometimes blood mixed in. We had a few good weeks where everything looked normal. We figured it was the worms and the meds. We got the tooth removed and ended up needing to go back since the first surgery opened and became infected. The past week he has been acting strange; he is eating and going on walks but his stool has gone back to completely loose and always ends with blood, usually separate drops afterwards. He is hyper aware on his walks and doesnt seem interested in playing. We arent sure what to do anymore. Weve spent thousands on blood work, medicine, surgeries. Its upsetting to us and we dont know what else to do. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anyone have a guess as to where to start? What to ask the vet? Were hopeless.
  2. Hi all. I'm the new proud owner of my first greyhound, London. We have only had him for a few days, but are already in love with him. I have made the decision to put him on raw food. Since my cats are already on raw food, I'm quite comfortable with it. I have started him on chicken leg quarters, with the plan to introduce other meats later. I'm trying to stick to one protein until he adjusts to keep an eye on any reactions. I added a spoonful of cottage cheese and some puréed veggies as well. I also gave him some Forti-Flora to help his tummy adjust to the new food. I noticed today that he had thrown up a little, (several hours after eating), and just a little bone came up, plus some yellow bile. Hubby said he did try and eat some plants in the garden this morning. Tonight he got boneless chicken thighs, some soft boiled eggs, and cooked sweet potato. On our walk this evening, his stool was much darker and a little runny. Of course I'm concerned, maybe overly so, but I would love any input from anyone. Thanks!
  3. We adopted an ex-racer about 5 months ago. As expected, he initially had very loose stool every time (not liquid but very soft like mud). After an extensive deworming treatment, then another dewormer a few weeks later, he solidified a little but never entirely. His first poop in the morning is usually fairly solid but progressively through the day he gets looser. At night or directly after physical activity, he usually releases a big soft mudpie. I'm concerned because last night, we woke up and he had pooped in the house after pooping three times throughout the day and directly before we went to bed. Because of his deworming treatment I'm assuming it isn't an issue with worms. Is this soft poo normal for greyhounds? If not, what are things I can do to help solidify his stool? I tried switching from a chicken/rice mix to a lamb/rice mix but that hasn't seemed to help. Any suggestions welcome!
  4. Hi folks, We've had Cody since mid May or so, he's had runny poops from day one, never had a normal one. We had at least two stool sample checked for worms, negative. He's been on two different probiotics sprinkled on food, and I think we did the worm pills as well, even though negative both times. Foodwise, we've tried Orijen Fish (which our other dog happened to be on), then Merrick's Bison, then California Natural Herring, and now Royal Canin Large Breed. I also put him on brown rice ONLY for a day and a half, and have tried sprinkling ground flax on his food, and adding some canned pumpkin to his kibble. The best we've ever managed is "soft but formed" poops, just barely pick-uppable. And it never lasts. And that was after the rice only, which obviously he can't stay on for long. All of the above having come from reading these forum posts (and thanks!). He's happy and seems otherwise healthy and well-adjusted. We've not even had any "accidents" in recent days, but whether that's down to the Royal Canin or not, I can't say. The RC does seem to have helped his dandruff, which is almost gone. I'm not sure we want to go the "raw" route yet, but I'm holding it in reserve as a future strategy. Any other tips for how to proceed? Or a simple way to feed raw, if it comes to that? (Haven't researched that as thoroughly as other things, yet. Our boy raced in the Texas / Oklahoma area and is three years old. We're up in Canada, so the summer hasn't been as hot as he's used to, I expect. (Our other dog, a "Valley Bulldog" (boxer/bulldog) is enjoying a custom blend of all the rejected foods, and is doing perfect).
  5. Hey everyone, Joel and I have been stalling, we've reached a point where a biopsy has been recommended for Maya and neither of us want to do that to our little girl. Below is just a synopsis of what her condition is and what we've tried so far. I guess we're just looking to hear from folks that have gone through the same thing and how the recovery was. I think we'll do it soon so she can heal while it's still too hot outside and be all set for camping season once it cools down. Previous posts on this topic can be found here http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/299770-good-poop-bad-poop-what-on-earth-was-that-poop/, here http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/299927-food-changes-have-begun/, and here http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/300775-update-on-mayas-stool-issues/. Maya's Condition: Maya has always had soft stool. When we adopted her in 2004 (18 mo) we found that Science Diet Sensitive Stomach yielded the best results (not great but acceptable) out of many other brands. Probably within the last 6 mo her stool has become worse. Usually the first poo of the day is the best with any additional poos being the consistency of chocolate milk. She is now just over 10 yrs and is quite lethargic, developing arthritis, has a dull coat, and is very skinny. We believe she is not getting the nutrition she needs out of her food and are assuming this is the cause for the previously listed conditions minus the arthritis. Steps taken so far: 1) Stool: tested for parasites and came back negative 2) Diet: We tried to change her diet and tried all of the vet options (about 5 different types) and also the Iams green bag because so many on here have had luck. None of these options yielded firmer poop. 3) Ultrasound: An ultrasound was performed and a portion of the small intestine was observed to be inflamed. 4) Urine Test: Histoplasmosis is common in this area so we tested for it as that was an easy/non-invasive test to perform. Results were negative. What's Next?: 5) Biopsy: This is the next recommended step in an attempt to diagnose the cause of the inflamed small intestine. The portion that is inflamed lies smack dab in the middle of the digestive system and a biopsy is recommended to access this area over other methods. We are stalling. This test is going to cause her a lot of pain. Maya has a low tolerance for pain and I fear a long road to recovery from the incision. Thanks for listening.......... leigh
  6. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've ventured onto the forum. We've been busy, and the last time I had written on the forum had been about Sarah's IBD like symptoms that ended up wracking up a huge bill at the emergency vet. Well, the saying if it ain't broke don't fix it is ringing through my ears right now. The vet had told me to put sarah on purina sensitive skin and stomach. After switching from wellness she felt so much better. Her poops were normal and we had no accidents. Well, I felt badly giving her purina. I was happy she was feeling better but thought she might feel even better if she was on better quality food. I had done a lot of research in limited ingredient diet foods and switched her (gradually) to natural balance LID food. She was doing alright up until yesterday. She took longer to go to the bathroom and last night she did not eat her food. This is VERY unlike Sarah. This morning when she woke up (or should I say got up!-She's very lazy) she ate her bowl of food from last night that I kept out for her just incase. Then I promptly took her outside for a walk to see if she'd go to the bathroom. She pee'd but was taking a long time to go poop. So I walked her around another block near our street and she stopped to go and all that came out was blood. There was VERY minimal stool in the blood. Like bloody diarrhea but more like blood with a tiny bit of diarrhea. I called the vet and they are fitting me in for an appointment in about an hour and a half. I feel really badly if this was all caused by the food switch but even when she had that drastic upset belly last time there was very minimal blood. I'm just worried it might be worms or something else. I really don't think she got into anything...she's really good about not eating anything but her food. Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated. Thank you, Sarah's mom.
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