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  1. Morning! AndiPants, yur neighbur blows dem leefas fur hours ebery Turdsday?? Oh mah dog. Mummy wood go bananananas. She wood prolly hab to hab werds wiff da neighbor - or moob! Mummy says sheeze reely sorry yur hoomans hab to deel wiff dat! Cherry , dat is KNOT nice to be rushed fur numbah won and espeshuly fur numbah two. Ms Kathy Da air smelled sweet and felt nice dis morning too, butt I wuz still KNOT taken fur walkies because mummy sed We will wait for the rain to subside, witch cud be, like, nebber! Da sky got ebber so daaahk and we herd funderboomers!! Now it appeers to
  2. Sorry yoor tummeh is upset, Molly. I hope yoor urge to subsides! I lub eeting blades ob grass. Mummy used to get soooo and about it, and eben roodely pry open me mouff and steel da grass blades out ob it. Unnecessarily aggressif iffen yoo ask me. Now she seems to eeder hab desided dat life is too short or she habs juss finally lerned to chill. We habbed a reely borink sunnyday. I did KNOT get a cah ride, I did KNOT get to go on a cookie run AS PROMISSED eben doh me biskie supplies is looking dangerussly low. It's bery discontzerting. Mummy raked moor leebs fur a while and made me s
  3. AndiPants yoo crack me up! Charlie, we do KNOT like dis nooze about Cap’n Jack. No, we do KNOT like it at all. We hab no eggsperience wiff dis so we will KNOT chime in or gib adbice, BUTT we is hoping and hoping dat dis nasty neck payne resolbs itsownself SOONIST and dat his hoomans is able to figger oot wut werks. Pleeze keep us postied. Also: me fut goes D.E.D. all da time when I sleep onnit. Stoopid fut. Plus also me leg. Always da bak rite won. It’s happened all me ‘dopted life. Mummy finks sumfink happened to me dat dare is no infurmashin on, prolly an injoory dat nebber heel
  4. Gud fur yoo Summer fur lerning to be alone. I don't like it - I reely reely don't - and it duzn't madder if Uncle Nick is in da house, iffen mummy is KNOT dare I roo to da hebbens until sumhow she muss heer me and she comes back. She sez she is running errands, BUTT iffen running is inbolbed, why wood she KNOT bring me wiff her? I no how to run. Ennyhoo I don't do nuffink crazee when she leebs da house. I'm juss KNOT happy. It's cuz I'm KNOT used to it anymoor. Summer, I hope yer mum swintchiz to werking at home again soonest. We lubs goldiefinchiz! Mummy's been tackling d
  5. Hello hello HELLO!!! Guess wut - dat meen hoomum is ledding me back on to say hi, and I tode her dis heer is a NO HOOMAN EDISHUN (wut a GRATE ideer) so she can't talk bak iffen I deeside to be impertinent Funnily enuff mummy wuz also happy to come back to a NO HOOMANS edishun because she is tired ob dem and she'd much rader lissen to houndies talk. Well, habbing been roodely forced in secloosion fur so long, I only herd about AndiPants a few days ago and shore hope she is feeling moor beddah and heeling! My oh my, wut a frite dat muss hab been. Ooooh, greytalk looks re
  6. He is so beautiful! I love his coat <3 Happy 6th Gotcha Day, Logan! Lovely pictures
  7. Hey @Jeff, I apologize if I missed clarification on this - I read all three pages of this thread - but, at the risk of sounding really dim, how do I upload new images to my Gallery? Of course you're going to tell me and then I'm going to be all I freakin' LOVE this upgrade - so many new cool features and greater functionality. Thank you!
  8. Oh no I am so sorry for all the bad news. Sending a ton of :grouphug
  9. You've gotten some good replies. Just wanted to pop in to say I'm thinking of you and Emme, and hoping for the best.
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