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  1. Hi Rockingship, that is too funny about Fluff, one of Josh's (Great Contender's) relatives as Josh is also a big (92#) dark brindle who is not extremely bright but I believe a pretty good racer. He ran the 3/8 mile and boy when he kicked in those after burners.... look out! He was retired due to a tear in his shoulder muscle and he never could pick back up his endurance. I can't wait to read what you know about my boys' ancestory! Thanks again!
  2. Rockingship, I hope you'll see this..... both of my boys, Andy (Full Details) and Josh (Great Contender) are from the Pat Dalton Kennels. I've met John Dalton and he is truly a wonderful gentleman. If you worked as a trainer for the Daltons, would you possibly have had any interactment with either of my boys' relatives? Thank you very much for this ancestory history lesson, I'm waiting so very anxiously to read about my boys. Thank you again!
  3. Hello, I will send in $20 to help the greys. Rockingship thank you for what you are doing, this is GREYT!!! My boys are: Full Details - sire: Wigwam Wag - dam: Busy Weekend; whelped 7/11/98 & he's a Texas boy Great Contender - sire: Shanless Slippy - dam: Wise Beauty; whelped 1/1/98 & he's Irish by the way Thanks a zillion for doing this, it's so cool!!! I can't wait to read about my boys!
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