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My Sympathy To All


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I wanted to extend my sympathy and send a hug :grouphug to all those who have recently lost a beloved pet. I used to read all the posts and respond but over time I found that the waterworks would come with a vengence as I remember how much I miss my Bridge kids. I did a post like this once before and wanted to again to let you know that I am not ignoring your sadness and trying times, it has just been hard lately to read the sad posts. :(


Willow & Trace

Butch (11/94 - 7/16/08) Hayley (11/96 - 1/13/09) Merlin (11/12/95 - 5/29/09)

GPA - Central New Hampshire

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I know how you feel Marina. When I read this section I really understand the pain, it hurts so much that I start sobbing too.

"To err is human, to forgive, canine" Audrey, Nova, Cosmo and Holden in NY - Darius and Asia you are both irreplaceable and will be forever in my heart beatinghearts.gif
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Guest auntiesara

I also was afraid to look at this topic, but started to look more often when it came near FaeRae's anniversary. Of course so many of us have lost one or more we have some idea what others are experiencing to counterbalance unkind remarks from some acquaintences like "it was only a dog"...



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I pop in now and again, and post what I can in response to the current threads. It's hard to do as it does bring it all back to me, and the tears often come to my eyes for my own Susan and for the others who've lost dear friends.


Like Auntiesara, I have come in because it's close to Susan's anniversary and I'm beginning to have that on my mind. After months of shedding no tears for her and being able to talk of her cheerfully, I'm now feeling more fragile again.


To all those who've lost their beloved hounds and other animals, my sympathies for your loss. It does get better in time, but they always stay in your heart.


The plural of anecdote is not data

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