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Greyhounds Make Great Pets 8.9.2019 ~ GALGO 101


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On August 9, 2019 Greyhounds Make Great Pets welcome Jennifer Janiak-Ross of Galgo Podenco Support to discuss galgos…and podencos, too.

Jen will explain what a galgo is and their plight as well as setting straight some "galgo myths". Jen will also share her experiences of traveling and rescuing galgos in Spain and the work that is done by Galgo Podenco Support (GPS).

If you are a galgo lover or looking to learn more about them, this is one show you don't want to miss! 

Greyhounds Make Great Pets every Friday at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern only on VoiceAmerica.com  
All shows are available on-demand on iTunes, Spotify or download. 
#gmgp3 #houndsoftheworld 

Jennifer's bio:  Jen Janiak-Ross adopted her 1st greyhound in 1991. With husband Scott and a team of volunteers, they ran a greyhound rescue group in suburban Chicago, from 1992-97. In 1999 they relocated to California with their 4 greyhounds. While dogless for a short period, the silence at home was deafening and Jen & Scott adopted Pyp, a tripod greyhound, in 2013. Via greyhound social media circles they learned of the plight of the galgo and in 2014 adopted a galgo named Alfiler from GPS. Since 2015, Jen has been traveling to Spain with Telma Shaw, founder of GPS, to visit the rescues, meet the dogs and pick out candidates for adoption. In 2016, Jen brought back Lleo, a tripod Podenco. The Ross family actively work  the fundraising end for adoption groups in the US and Spain, donating sighthound jewelry, art and products they design and  make, as well as providing art services to the groups. Jen is a GPS team member doing home visits, presentations, websites as just a few of her duties.




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