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  1. Hello, I am new to this forum but hoping for some advice. We recently adopted a 3 year old greyhound (2 weeks ago). The rescue centre didn't know much of his background apart from that he did not seem to be a racing greyhound and that they was possibly a stray before. He had only been in the kennels for 1 month before we took him home. He seemed to settle in right away and the first week he was good as gold and didn't have one single accident, however this week things seem to have changed. He has pee'd twice in a row during the night/in the morning (we have even tried setting our alarm earlier in the morning to let him out and he has still pee'd so he must be doing it in the middle of the night) So then we tried taking his water away 1 hour before bed, which worked as he didnt pee in the night but then the day after he was left for 4 hours and he has pee'd TWICE! He does not have any accidents while we are in, and sometimes we actually have to force him outside to pee because he is just so lazy lying on the sofa he does not want to move he can lay there for hours . & As I say, for the first week he did not pee at all while we were out so he can definitely hold it in. I thought it could be separation anxiety but we have only had him for 2 weeks of which we left him for the exact same time each week so its not as if we have been in constantly apart from weekends. Also, we have a doggy cam and when we check it during the day he is just sleeping, he does not seem to be anxious/waiting for us. Could it just be the dog adjusting after being in kennels? Is there anything we can do to help prevent this? How do you go about teaching him it is wrong as we are not in when he is doing this? Thanks in Advance ps. This is our first rescue dog, I have always had dogs from puppies (and never a grey) so I have no idea how to go about house training an older dog, Any tips will help so much!
  2. On August 9, 2019 Greyhounds Make Great Pets welcome Jennifer Janiak-Ross of Galgo Podenco Support to discuss galgos…and podencos, too. Jen will explain what a galgo is and their plight as well as setting straight some "galgo myths". Jen will also share her experiences of traveling and rescuing galgos in Spain and the work that is done by Galgo Podenco Support (GPS). If you are a galgo lover or looking to learn more about them, this is one show you don't want to miss! Greyhounds Make Great Pets every Friday at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern only on VoiceAmerica.com All shows are available on-demand on iTunes, Spotify or download. https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/3893/greyhounds-make-great-pets#gmgp3 #houndsoftheworld Jennifer's bio: Jen Janiak-Ross adopted her 1st greyhound in 1991. With husband Scott and a team of volunteers, they ran a greyhound rescue group in suburban Chicago, from 1992-97. In 1999 they relocated to California with their 4 greyhounds. While dogless for a short period, the silence at home was deafening and Jen & Scott adopted Pyp, a tripod greyhound, in 2013. Via greyhound social media circles they learned of the plight of the galgo and in 2014 adopted a galgo named Alfiler from GPS. Since 2015, Jen has been traveling to Spain with Telma Shaw, founder of GPS, to visit the rescues, meet the dogs and pick out candidates for adoption. In 2016, Jen brought back Lleo, a tripod Podenco. The Ross family actively work the fundraising end for adoption groups in the US and Spain, donating sighthound jewelry, art and products they design and make, as well as providing art services to the groups. Jen is a GPS team member doing home visits, presentations, websites as just a few of her duties.
  3. Hi everyone, We picked up our 2 year old, ex racer (Lilly) at 4pm today! Any advice for a first time rescue greyhound owner?! We are nervous about tonight, as when we put her in her crate earlier she cried. I have a radio to pop on quietly in the background and a stuffed Kong toy ready for tonight. She paces, pants and sniffs a lot (which I would assume is nerves and will settle.) She also asks to go out a lot, so am taking her out every time and rewarding each wee and poo! She has finally crashed (after and hour long walk 7-8pm) so thats a good sign. I work from home, so will be with her all day. Should I confine her to the lounge (where I work and her crate is) so I can make sure she has no accidents? I was thinking of a morning and evening walk, with regular trips to the garden. Will that be enough? Any advice to help her settle and stop my nerves would be fab! Thanks in advance, Michelle
  4. This is my first post on this website. I hope I can get some good advice and thank you in advanced. My boyfriend lives at home with his parents. They have owned dogs for years. Last year one of the two dogs they had pasted away. They decided to adopt a greyhound, as a playmate for the surviving dog, also a breed they have never owned before. They found a local dog to adopt and adopted Summer, the dog, quickly. Being a rescue dog she is jumpy. The first week she paced the house but eventually got used to her surroundings. My boyfriend and I were at the house the day she was adopted. I am at his house 5 days out of the week so I am practically a member of the family. I used to take care of their previous dogs sometimes, let them out to do their business, feed them, sometimes play with them. Their other dog, Chet, is a flat-coated retriever. He is a very friendly dog with little behavioral problems, and very playful. I get along with Chet very well. He will come and cuddle with my boyfriend and I and he gets along with everyone. Summer quickly saw my boyfriend's parents as her owners but was very jumpy around my boyfriend and I. we have tried to get her used to us with treats, letting her come to us instead of approaching her. She is wary of being pet on the head so we were told to pet under her neck but approaching her is difficult. When we enter the room she is in she runs to her crate and doesn't come out. If we try to give her a treat she will either take it from us and run off or not come to us at all. We have tried to be in the same room as her crate to get her acclimated to us but it has not worked. Her crate is on the first floor and my boyfriend's room is upstairs. If we are upstairs and his parents are out she whines loudly for attention. If we come downstairs to give it to her she runs off. She is not even comfortable with us in the presence of boyfriend's parents. She will run away or turn away from us. Summer also has this fear of being uncomfortable walking through doorways. If she is near a doorway and there is a person or animal also near that doorway she gets anxious and sprints through the doorway to a less populated area. Once my boyfriend opened the pet door to let her in when their other dog Chet was coming towards her to go out. She became anxious and smacked her hip on the doorway and ran off limping and whining while almost knocking Chet over. Summer is a very different dog with the boyfriend's parents. When they enter the house she is playful and dogs their feet. His parents take her to dogs parks and pet store meet and greets where she gets along with strangers and their pets. My boyfriend was able to get Summer to be slightly comfortable with him when he was home with his parents when I was not around. She would greet him at the door but would still run away from him most of the time. We tried for many weeks for her to get used to us but nothing worked. At one point we gave up because there was no change in her behavior towards us. His parents have had her for 4 months. About 2 months ago my boyfriend and I sleep startled her. She woke and barked at us and we promptly left the room. Since that time she has been less comfortable with my boyfriend and any progress he had made with her has been wiped from her memory. Last week his mom went to a family get together with both dogs. Summer was not comfortable with the new enviorment and nipped at two family members, banning her from coming to the get together again. Since this time she seems to bark and growl at my boyfriend and I when we enter the house. His parents assure me that Greyhounds take a lot of time to get used to people and that we should give her time. I feel that we are not staying even the same with her but getting worse. Boyfriend's parents want me to try giving her treats whenever we enter the house but I'm skeptical about this working. What can I do to get her more accustomed to me and my boyfriend?
  5. I did not know he was a greyhound mix until I saw him move and asked a local rescue to come look. Based on behavior and some of his looks he might be greyhound. I know he is because I see him run and chase. He is a sight hound. I have had others check him out. The only decenting opinion was maybe hes a whippet. Either way I have a sight hound mix and don't know what to do. Here it is: During a hurricane I saw a black dog chasing a man on a bike who was kicking him and trying to drag him. I pulled over and intervened and got the dog in my truck. It wasn't until I got him home and sedated him, that I realized he had third degree burns down his back. It was either acid or a taser (vet). Long story short I ended up with a greyhound/lab. Nobody wants him. I have fostered him for months. I have come to find out through his form and behavior he is a greyhound mix with a very very very strong chase instinct. I have so many questions. I am a duck hunter with rescues labs. I am not a greyhound person. Until now. First of all, his chase instinct is most strong in my truck. He attacks oncoming vehicles with enthusiasm only an Olympian could appreciate. He got away from me once in the yard and chased a semi down the highway and got the tire. He lived. I do have a place I bring him everyday where he can run off leash. But at times I have no control. Second, he is difficult to house train. Third, hes very vocal to the point of irritating and scaring people. The list goes on. But I wanted to introduce myself and see if anybody here has ever met a feral or street greyhound. here are some details: Black with some white on chest and toes and tip of tail. found in New Orleans during a hurricane 40 pounds at the most. Rail thin, even with weight. Recovered from intentional burns/torture. 1 year old Sponsored by Humane Society and made TV Never been on leash until 8-30-12 Strong chase instinct One perky ear one that flops despite his efforts Longest nose Runs, like a gazelle Left Left: When I found him after he received emergency medical treatment (the back was shaved to reveal a burn to the spine): Healed: In a bar in New Orleans: Dirty: Left: I would appreciate any advice on how to begin to deal with a feral sight hound, forums, local expert (southeastern louisiana), etc. Thank You for your attention...
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