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Seeking Greyhound Puppies

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I am seeking two Greyhound puppies that are brothers for pets only as I recently lost one of mine to an accident. Can anyone advise where is the best place to post here to locate a breeder?


Any other advice as to where I can obtain two Greyhound puppies would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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There are some breeders around, some for field and some for show in the US and Canada. If you're on facebook you can ask on Greyhounds for All, or Greyhound Puppies for All for potential leads on puppies. You can also look at the AKC website or the GCA (Greyhound Club of America). This forum doesn't get a lot of puppy leads. A few of us have raised puppies, but that's not a frequent event here. A lot of the pups that do show up here are from oops litters at the track that have gotten snapped up pretty quickly.


I would highly recommend only getting one puppy at a time though to avoid sibling syndrome. Not many people have the time and ability to raise littermates and avoid the potential problems that can arise. It's generally best to leave about a year between pups if you can to allow the time and training needed for proper social development and maturity.

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Thank you Krissy. I have checked with the AKC, GAC and Greyhound Puppies on FB but didn't know about Greyhounds for All and will check with them.


I got two brothers from an Oops litter 10 years ago and they have been absolute angels. Never had an experience with sibling syndrome, but just the opposite. Raising two littermates from their early infancy has proven to be the best scenario as them having each other reinforces their pack mentality. I have heard that sometimes there can be problems, but fortunately, that has not been my experience.

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