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Veterinarians Near Rutland Ma

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We have recently moved to Rutland, Massachusetts from NJ and would like to find a greyhound savvy vet for my grey Lia. We have lots of Labradors and Goldens in our new neighborhood, but I have found no greyhounds anywhere here and we have hiked on many of the rail trails :). We do attract a lot of attention though, with many people asking about greyhounds.


I checked on the vet list here and it may be that the closest vet practice is Westside Animal Clinic, Dr Anita Trom, in Worcester, MA. Does anyone have experience with the practice, or maybe direct me to one that knows greys. This isn't an emergency, and I have time yet before Lia is due for a vet check, but I want to make sure things are in place.


Thank you :)

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Thank you for your input. We are in the middle of the state (I have been told it is the geographic center of MA :)) and it looks like Holliston is a little more than an hour away. I am hoping for something a bit closer for routine visits. The website of Westside Animal Clinic in Worcester does mention Tufts as the place to go with after hour emergencies, so that looks like a good sign. I will call Westside Animal and ask if they have treated greys. It seemed from the greytalk vet list that one of the vets there owns/owned a greyhound. I am hopeful.


Thanks again!

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