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2 Behaviour Issues: Peeing On Our Bed & 2Am Potty Breaks

Guest MotherofPickle

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Guest MotherofPickle

Hello! We have 2 separate issues.


Firstly, our 6 year old ex-racer we've had for 2 years will pee on our bed if given the chance. This is various times of day (except at night) and also even if she has just been outside. She goes for 2 good walks per day, goes out in the garden/yard loads. We have a dog walker every day when we're at work and Pickle also physically and vocally knows how to tell us she needs to pee. We keep the bedroom door closed but if she gets in there...boom. Pee. I've read about dogs peeing in beds to hide it as our scent is strong in the bed clothes.

Her latest party trick? Peeing on the sofa (not spray marking, jumps up and pees like she would on grass). Also, she now cocks her leg like a boy and tries to pee as high as she can on gates, telephone poles, trees, walls. This last part isn't a problem, just wondering if it's part of the bigger picture.

Any ideas?


Secondly, since the day we got her she has to go outside at 2am. Every. Single. Night. She gets up and stretches, yawns loudly then starts crying to go out. Is it possible it's so ingrained from her racing/kenneling days? I don't even know if they had a 2am potty break. I won't restrict her access to water but even then she doesn't drink much after dinner at 5pm.

Can this habit be broken?

Thank you in advance!

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My first thought is that she has a urinary tract infection. A trip to the vet may be in order.


The reason she pees on the bed and the sofa is that dogs look for absorbent surfaces to pee on. Use a product like Nature's Miracle to remove the urine odor from these surfaces. Continue restricting access to the bedroom. If you cannot restrict access to the sofa, cover the seat with a non-absorbent material like aluminum foil until things are under control.


Start potty training again as if she were a puppy. Take her out multiple times a day and praise and treat highly when she does her business.

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