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Old Dog - Heartrate


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As my Lurcher (date of birth unknown, but he must be at least 12,5 years) is doing not so well since a few weeks, I am in a constant concern and have a look at things, I never ever looked at before.


So I do not know what his regular heart rate at rest was. But actually it is around 30 beats per minute, which I find extremely low.


Well, he has always been a sportive dog and, considering all his health problems, he still is.


2 Years ago he had an ultrasound of the heart done by a specialist, that found nothing concerning, allthough the regular, non sighthound used vet was afraid he might die the very moment. Cardiologist just mentioned a big heart but as he was running a lot these days, even as a senior, she said this would explain it.


He still loves running (as far as his back lets him, his symptoms of LS are getting worse) and even now does not seem heartsick to me.


But there was a lot of panting during the last weeks - it was incredibly hot and he was at least in light pain because of his back - and his breathing at rest seems sometimes flat and fast, but...given all his health issues, he seems incredibly fit. And that sometimes we can hear him breathe, maybe this happened before and we just did not think about it. Who knows.

Maybe 30bpm is just fine for the old guy.


Clearly, I have to consult a vet (last week we have been to the emergency vet, because of Seniors eye, but the vet did not mention any concerns about his heart) to know what is going on with this particular dog- we have an appointment on friday.



I only wonder: Is bradycardia common in old hounds? What usual heart rates at rest do your senior dogs have?

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When the first vet panicked, it was because of a heart murmur. She said that if he would not be put on medication, he will be gone within weeks or months. Sent us to a cardiologist. Cardiologist found nothing disturbing. Did not put him on meds.


This was 2 years ago, when he also developed a severe pancreatitis, which might be why his heart could have been out of the normal range. And the first vet was not experienced with sighthounds.


Things could have changed as 2 years is a long time in a seniors life. Going to check this soon. And I do not know his regular heart rate 2 years before or as a younger dog. So there is nothing to compare it to and see if a significant decrease happened.


But I did not find anything on heart rate of aging greyhounds and lurchers and thought it might be interesting for others as well what heart rate at rest could occur.


As it is really hard to feel his pulse on his hind leg it might the case that I misinterpreted things but I always counted similiar number of heart beats.


Right after a short walk, some stairs and waiting for food: approx. 60bpm

At rest, not sleeping: 30-35 bpm



Allthough it says nothing about my own dogs condition, I find it interessting, what other old, resting dogs have.

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