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Doxepin Does?

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Tracker will start on Doxepin shortly for his laryngeal paralysis. I know there are a few Greys who were or are on it for the same reason. My vet's prescribing 75mg 2xday. According to the internet, the maximum dose for humans per day is 150mg, but humans weigh ca twice as much as a Greyhound. But maybe this is what it takes? Would love your input before I start this.

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My Percy weighed 66 lbs. This was the dose suggested by Jjng (Jennifer Ng, DVM):


The time to start doxepin is as soon as a diagnosis is made, before it gets to the acute stage. It's a long term medication with mild effects that won't help in an acute crisis, and it likely only helps if the laryngeal paralysis is partial and not complete. I've used it in a few cases and haven't had any problems, and I don't see many side effects reported by other vets either. Typically recommended starting dose for a large dog is 50 mg twice daily, and it can be increased to 100 mg twice daily.


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