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New Mischievous Behaviour After Adopting Second Greyhound

Guest Noosh

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We have had Emma for 5 months; she is 23 months old. Still a puppy in behaviour. We love her to pieces, she is such a sweetie.

Now we have adopted a gorgeous boy in need of a home with some company- and he has fitted in very well. He is very amenable and easy going. He is almost 4; we have had him 5 weeks.

After a couple of weeks they were getting along great. He is now happy to play with her and have some fun.

Unfortunately, she has suddenly started some really deliberately naughty behaviour in the last couple of days. If they were little kids, you would say she was being jealous. Despite my best efforts to ignore her barking at me for attention; bumping me for pats, she will now seek out and chew house items in my presence to get my attention!!

I am being 'played!' The look on her face!

She has started growling at dogs on walks again, for no reason- today even a little puppy! What the?

Ok, so which way to go here? I give her equal attention; they are well exercised; stimulated with fun toys and games. He is happy to sleep most of the day, and never has ever been destructive at all. He's a big, delightful boy.

I have tried to put her in time out, she knows when she has been naughty.

We keep all doors shut, so she isn't tempted; so today I had the bedroom door open for a minute, and she cleared Dad's side table and chewed two leather watch bands- she never has ever been remotely interested before. Aahh.

Should I just wait it out? Will it pass?

Is this trying on some dominance to make sure she is secure in the family?

Do I keep ignoring the deliberate attention seeking behaviour?

I'm sure it's normal- some moral support and advice wouldn't go astray though!

Thanks :-)

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Guest Wasserbuffel


Is this trying on some dominance to make sure she is secure in the family?


There's no such thing as dominance: http://www.apbc.org.uk/articles/why-wont-dominance-die


It does seem like she might be a little jealous of the new addition.


Can you take her out for separate exercise and play sessions in the yard? When my pup who is just a little over a year old starts acting like a turd I take her out in the yard with her lure pole and have her chase the toy around the yard until she's worn out. She doesn't act jealously like yours is, but she will get into things that are usually ignored if she hasn't gotten enough exercise in a couple days.

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Thanks @ Greyaholic. Silly me mentioning dominance. I have been convinced quite some time ago regarding the out-dated thoughts of dogs behaviour being 'dominant'. It is a easy grab word when one is trying to express a behaviour that is endeavouring to be 'influencing'. Pushy maybe. Manipulative, devious. My girl is presenting a challenging behaviour, and it feels like she is attempting to usurp my place in the household! I thought I call the shots- at the moment, there are times when she is running the agenda. So I am trying to find the most canny ways to keep her out of trouble, and pleasant to be around. Mea culpa. No more dominance word.

So today, we spent a couple of hours alone together; the big boy outside for a morning snooze. He actually appreciates this- no annoying little sister to wanting to play and nip all day log! She seems a happy little vegemite today. Maybe this is a great suggestion for our situation, as it is quite easy to give them individual time.

Thanks a bunch.

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Paddy shows the same behaviour, not quite the same but near enough when he gets bored. He is an extremely intelligent dog who loves exercises. We do some agility, detachieren ( a form of working in distance, like going right, left, stop off leash) and other little things to give his little brain enough workout.

Sorry for butchering the english language. I try to keep the mistakes to a minimum.


Nadine with Paddy (Zippy Mullane), Saoirse (Lizzie Be Nice), Abu (Cillowen Abu) and bridge angels Colin (Dessies Hero) and Andy (Riot Officer).

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