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Arthritis Help For A Dog With Kidney Issues


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This is for my friend's dog, a basset, but my greyhound is nearing the same issues. The basset is kidney-compromised (crystals, not chronic kidney disease) , and is in early stage arthritis. She had a really bad spell and could barely walk. The vet put her on a 7 day med. I had my friend ask about glaucosamine, and the vet said NO. It would interfere with her kidney med.


So - is there anything dietary that my friend can do for her dog's arthritis, and for my dog with chronic kidney failure, would glaucosime be bad? Is glaucosime bad for the kidneys?

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Not understanding your friends vets reasoning. A joint supplement wouldn't interfere with a NSAID-they are often prescribed together. Also kidney stones do not equal to CKD. Increasing omega 3's would be very beneficial in fact Hills has a food called J/D designed for joint disease-it's very high in omega 3 and many clinicans are seeing very favorable results with their patients feeding it. Omega 3's will benefit renal and joint disease patients.

Finally in renal compromised patients that require an NSAID previcox is considered a bit more renal friendly than the other available NSAIDs.

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