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Auto Immune Issues

Guest Shermanator

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Guest Shermanator

Travel is 7, and has been with us 5 years.

Her health has been relatively good, regular checkups, and so forth.


However, in the end of May, we noticed some nasty sores on/around the nail beds of several paws.

We took her to the vet, who felt her nails were too long, and were bumping into her nail beds from the floor, causing the sores. Solution, clip her nails, and antibiotics.


Sores on paws did not heal.Multiple toes were affected, one toe in particular had a very nasty sore/wound on it. Vet cultured wound to determine what anitibotics to use, exray (which showed no issue with the boone) and biopsied (no cancer on the toe- clear.) Started another round of antibiotics for 3 weeks with daily epsom salr/betadine soaks.


After 3 weeks, paws have still not healed.


She does not appear in pain, she does not limp, and does not lick her paws. I am home all day, not working right now, so I watch her like a hawk. No licking or messing with the paws.


Off for a 2nd opinion with a very greyhound savvy vet.


Per 2nd opinion, and he consulted with the other vet in the practice, he believes we are dealing with an automimmune issue. (Not SLO - nails are inact, look good, and she has not lost any,) Nonetheless, he believes we are dealing with some type of autimmune disease, because multiple paws are affected with sores around the nailbeds.


We start a lower/medium dose of prednizone. Paws start to clear up (whoohoo!) We continue with a higher dose of prednizone, and the wounds/sores on her paws completely clear up.


However, after 2 weeks of prednizone, Travel has started peeing her bed. She has access to a dog door, so she has access to the outside at all times. And she does go out to pee multiple times during the day. She is drinking a massive amount of water during the day, and her appietite has increased tremdously. However, she has started peeing her beds multiple times a day. And it is a lot of pee, it looks like while she is laying down, she loses complete control of her bladder, and just lets loose. Its like she cannot control it.


Back to the vet again. He runs a urinealysis. There is some blood in the urine, but no UTI. He thinks this is from the large amounts of prednizone we have given her. We start the long process of weaning her off the prednizone. She continues to pee her bed, not as often as before, but still does it nonetheless.


Currently, she is on the lowest amount of prednizone, we almost have her completely off it. She is still peeing in her bed, but not as often, and not as much pee. And, now that we are almost off the prednizone, one of the sores have returned on her paw. And, it looks terrible. However, once again, it does not seem to hurt her, and she does not lick or mess with it.


So, now this is where we are:

We are almost finished with the prednizone.

We have started cyclosprine to see if that heals her paw.

She is still peeing her bed, not as frequent, and not as much urine, its like it just leaks out if her. And, she does not dribble while walking or moving around, just while she is laying on her bed.


We are following up with the vet again this week. Not sure what is next to try. I am at my wits end with dealing with this, she has had these issues since May! Poor little girl, she is a trooper, and is drinking and eating normally, and still has her normal, sweet bouncy disposition. No behavior changes during this whole saga.


Any advice or anyone else have any problem like this? I feel so bad for my girl.



Kelly & Travel

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Guest MeAndMouse

Wow, you both have been going through a lot! I'm dealing with an autoimmune disease/pred right now. We haven't had any incontinence issues yet though.


I don't have much to offer, but I did find this thread that may be helpful. It talks about diapers, incontinence meds, etc.



I hope the cyclosporine works out for her.

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Some of these guys are very sensitive to pred. You may have to incorporate another immune suppressant drug like cyclosporine or azathioprine to an even lower dose pred.

Edited-guess I should have read your last post :-).

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Desi went through this a couple of years ago.....exactly as you are describing....lesions around nails, but nails

intact, not loose.


After going through much of the same testing, we decided to try Atopica (cyclosporine). He was on 100 mg twice a day

and lesions were much better in just a couple of weeks. After a month or so, down to 100 mg once a day for a few

months, then 3 times a week for quite a while. All this time, toes were fine, but I was afraid to stop the cyclosporin

completely in case the lesions returned. After about a year, we were down to once weekly.....then I started to forget

and it was once every couple of weeks, and then I'd forget again.... So, I finally just stopped. That's been 2

years ago, and lesions have never returned.


In Desi's case, the Cyclosporine did not have the side effects of excessive drinking/urinations, but he did have

yucky soft poo. Soft to the point that I carried a paper plate to catch it...it was impossible to clean up out of the

grass. That lasted through the twice a days and some into the once a day, but eventually, all was well.

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.

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