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Dental Question (Arestin Antibiotic Microspheres)

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So Teague just had his second dental yesterday at my new vet. His teeth look okay for the most part but his back two upper molars were horrible and brown and his breath was horrible so I knew there was something nasty somewhere (he had the 2 molars removed last year but the surgery ended up lasting so long that they couldn't do the other side). Just had a few questions:


They only removed one tooth as they said that was the only rotten/horrible one (the tiny very back upper molar). Basically they said that Teague just has naturally not great teeth, but they aren't rotten enough that they want to pull...he just has a lot of pockets that collect bacteria and icky stuff. They basically cleaned everything and packed all of the pockets (9 teeth) with a long lasting antibiotic called Arestin. I think it is basically tiny beads (the size of sand) that they can put in the gums to kill all of the bacteria. Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone here had experience with it. I know they use it in humans, but have never heard of it for dogs. I will say one thing though...Teague has NO bad breath for the first time ever...he even had a bit of bad breath after his dental last year. Just wondering if anyone has had experience or success with this. I am hoping :goodluck that with daily maintenance and brushing (plus I got a vet dental gel and will probably order Healthy Mouth) I can keep things relatively under control with regular cleanings. Time will tell....

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I'm happy Teague's dental went well! Never heard of that antibiotic but I hope it works! I just use CS to keep bad breath at bay and I've been working more diligently at brushing Ry's teeth too. I also use an expensive spray called Leba II that works amazingly on his really bad brown gungy stuff. Good luck and good boy Teague!

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Thanks for the replies. I tried looking this med up and just didn't see a lot of references to it being used in dogs which is why I was wondering. The dental gel I am using is called Breathalyser (I think). I have also tried a lot of the store brands but this one is actually cheaper and the dental tech said people have great results with it.


I did try the CS for the bad breathe and it did make a difference (haha and I was such a skeptic)!! I ran out because I can only get tiny bottles for $20 and I noticed a few days after that the breathe was worse again. Will see how things go with this and will definitely use it again if I need to. :)


Now my challenge is to get Teague to eat mushy food for 2 weeks (otherwise the antibiotics can fall out). Ughhh...picky boy! He never finishes his bowl!

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