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Why Is She Snapping?

Guest lukas_mom

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Guest lukas_mom


I have a something to add from my side regarding the snapping in a previous post and would also appreciate some urgent help on the following -

My Luka-girl is now approx. 3.5months. She was very timid at first as she had a virus we had to fight with medication. We had to give her meds 3 times a day with a syringe squirted into her mouth. I tried doing it as fast and without to much stress for her every time. I think this however caused her to not like being held too much and now when I hold her and stroke her head/neck she suddenly becomes quite snappy and growls in her funny way and bites at my hand.

Also when she is in her bed where she obviously feels safe - one moment she is fine and allows me to take the hot-water bottle out from under her bedding to fill up again with hot water, and the next time she just starts snapping at me. This doesn't just happen when it comes to the hot-water bottle, but in general it seems at night, maybe when she is tired, then she gets very snappy.

This past week and a half she has however come into her own and is not so timid. She trots along when we go for walks, stops to sniff around and also now playing with some of her toys as well. So all in all she getting along really good - just the snappibg that is really worrying me.....

Any help will be most appreciated!!

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She could be trying to communicate that she's feeling emotionally or physically flooded by too much handling. Safest for you to back away and let her rest peacefully without being touched.


If her hot water bottle needs to be moved from her bed, try happily calling her to "come" to you in another area or another room (e.g., kitchen for a special treat). After she vacates her bed, pick up/move the hot water bottle.


We try to respect a golden rule for dogs: Let resting dogs lie undisturbed. We wait for dogs to stand up and come to us for attention. Their bed is considered their safe, undisturbed zone. Since your girl required early medical care, perhaps you could back track a bit now to allow her more personal space which will help build her trust in you.


That said, I haven't seen your other thread/s yet.

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I believe you've had dogs before?


What you're describing sounds to me like typical rough puppy play, not "snapping" as in aggression--it's really hard to know though without seeing it.


Greyhounds play really rough. They can be very vocal. If your dog was going to be raised as a racer, she'd still be living in a pack with all her siblings, and they would regularly be snarling, snapping, growling, jumping, rolling, and tumbling each other. Perhaps she is simply trying to do the same with you?


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