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Voyce Band

Guest Shibu

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Guest Shibu

My 12y 2mo old Greyhound began having health issues recently. At one point CHF (Congestive Heart failure) was suspected due to increased panting. Fortunately she does not have CHF, but the incident prompted me to get a Voyce band, which is a wifi collar that records resting Respiration Rate, Resting Heart Rate as well as hours spent active & hours of continuous rest. When CHF was suspected I was surprised to find that 60-70% of dogs overall will develop CHF at some point in their life. One indicator of CHF, as well as other problems is an increase in the dogs Resting Respiration Rate. As a general rule a Resting Respiration Rate above 35/min is suggestive of CHF (although other problems can cause an increase in resting respiration rate as well).


I highly recommend the Voyce collar, but I ran into a problem bc the sensor is mounted on a special collar that is NOT a martingale colar. Additionally, the collar does weigh more than a standard collar. On walks Cleo often walks with her nose to the ground sniffing as she walks which results in the Voyce band sliding down to her ears.


My solution was to tether the Voyce band to her harness. I am posting this to offer a solution to other greyhound owners who run into this problem. Temporarily, I am using a small dog collar as a tether between her harness and the Voyce band but will come up with a more elegant tether.


I can post pics but do not see an option to do this on the forum from my phone.

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Interesting. I'd not heard of this type of thing before. Tagg activity trackers, yes, but not with the health monitoring options.


Here's a sort of review



GreyTalk doesn't have a way for you to post photos directly. They have to be copied from a photo-hosting site.

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Guest PetPace
Dear Shibu,

There is an even better product in the market to monitor pets with heart disease, or other diseases. Take a look at: http://www.petpace.com

It is the only device that gives you continuous pulse and respiratory rate readings, as oppose to only one reading per day as with Voyce. Other advantages include additional health parameters, like temperature, positions, and most importantly for patients with heart disease - HRV (Heart Rate Variability), an established medical marker for heart condition.

The data is collected and synced (in real time!) and the user gets alerts if something is not right.

Moreover, the PetPace collar, as oppose to Voyce, uses a completely passive, noninvasive technology.

Finally, the PetPace collar is considerably smaller, lighter, and has much longer battery life.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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