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Strange Limp Front Leg - 3 Months

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Hi Pongo has been limping right front leg swinging out like a swimmer for about 3 months. We have had clean x-rays twice, good bloodwork and he's been on prednisone with no results. It seemed to get better for a bit then he got worse again. Hind end weakness too but strangely he doesn't seem to be in pain. Could it be tendonitis? Vet thinks soft tissue injury but it just doesn't let up. Any thoughts? Pongo is 12 next month!

Susan and Pongo

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I don't know a lot about it, but it might be a good idea to continue taking xrays. i had something similar happen last year, and what the vet thought was a soft tissue injury with normal xrays ended up being something not very good with abnormal xrays a few months later.


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Guest BiancasMom

Hind end weakness makes me think neurologic. Has neck pain been ruled out? Neck pain can present with hind end weakness and front limb lameness. If a neurologist gives Pongo the clear, consider a consult with a surgeon. Could be medial shoulder instability. I believe this is caused by a tendon or ligament laxity or injury but can't remember which one. Dogs with this can swing their elbow out when walking. Of course, this is assuming that X-rays are all clear.

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