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Back Legs

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Hi, I just wondered if it common for greyhounds to be nervous about their back legs being touched? I ask because this is our second gh who gets anxious around this area. Exactly the same behavior: loves being stroked and it's only if you stop with your hand resting on his back legs that he growls briefly and walks off. He has a clean bill of health but just wondered if this is common?


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Guest sireltonsmom

I wouldn't classify it as 'common' but different dogs have body areas they don't like touched. You might consider muzzling the dog, running hands over back legs then stop, unmuzzle and go on with your day as if this is normal for you. If he becomes desensitized, good. Vets may need to touch back legs, and I run my hands all over my greys every day to make sure there are no new lumps or bumps. I started massaging my dogs early on so it was part of the bonding experience. They both love being massaged now. Good luck.

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