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Soap And Diarrhea

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Hi all -

New greyhound owner. We've had our retired racing greyhound for almost a month now. She's our first family dog so a lot of things are a learning experience. She's been settling in and is given lots of love and attention. However she's been having some looser stools the last week or so but nothing too bad (although I was wondering why that was happening). But on Monday my daughter had a bath and left a bar of soap on the bathtub. The dog got ahold of it when no one was looking and ate part of it. Not the whole bar but she definitely got a few bites. Yesterday, she still had some loose stools and she's been burping a lot. This morning, she had full on runny diarrhea. I'm assuming this is from the soap. Is this something I need to take her to the vet for? I looked it up online that night and it didn't seem like we needed to do that which is the only reason we didn't. So now her tummy has soap on top of already having loose stools. So my questions are:


1. Should we have taken her to the vet?

2. Is there anything I can do for her now?

3. Is there anything I can do for her in the future to get her stools from being loose?


She is currently eating the green bag of Iams on instruction from the foster family she had been staying with. She also likes carrots and I will cut some up and put them in her food sometimes too.


Any advice you have would be great!

Thanks for your help.

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Dogs sometimes get diarrhea from eating things they shouldn't. As long as what they ate wasn't toxic, and they're acting fine, eating normally, etc, there's nothing wrong with giving it a few days to see if the loose stools/diarrhea clears up on its own. But it's not improving within a few days, it's best to take her to your vet for an exam and appropriate medication.

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