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A Strange Lump

Guest Weezie1990

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Guest Weezie1990


My sighthound Willow had a strange illness a few years ago. He was treated by the vet quite sucessfully, but we never really received an adequate explanation as to what caused it. Here's the story:


One day I noticed that he had developed a small swelling on the back of his thighs, near his back end. I thought it was odd, but didn't pursue the matter any further since it wasn't causing him any discomfort. A few weeks went by, and the swelling had grown to a very large size (about the size of a tennis ball)


We decided to take him to the vet. Willow didn't seem to be in any obvious pain, but it was strange and distressing to see. The lump was "squishy" and filled with fluid. The vet told us that he had a pocket that had formed on his thigh, and blood was collecting there. She drained the lump of blood and treated it with anti septic.

We then took him home, and hoped that was the end of the matter.


It wasn't. A week later, and the lump had grown again. The vet had said they could operate on the lump (the procedure would cost £500), but they weren't sure of how successful it would be. We decided to take Willow to another vet, and get a second opinion.


This second vet was much more helpful. He told us the same thing, but he said that the lump could possibly be pressing up against his prostate gland, and he would need to be neutered. He told us he could operate on Willow, and that he was going to stitch up the pocket, therefore stopping the fluid from acumulating.


The surgery went well, although Willow was in quite a bit of pain for a few days :( Here is a photo of him, a few days after his operation.







This was two or three years ago. Since then, Willow has made a full recovery, and had no further problems.


He is a mixed breed (greyhound x whippet x saluki) so I was wondering that maybe it could be something genetic that caused it. Has anyone else ever heard of this before? Any ideas as to what could have caused it? Was it because he wasn't neutered?


Thanks :)

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Internally ruptured anal gland that drained and pooled a bit further south? :dunno


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