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Blisters Or Rash


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Can anyone help me in identifying these dots that are on Wendell? I know the dark spots are his nipples and he has always had purpleish skin around his vein, but last night I noticed what appeared to be a blister or pimple almost. Today there are more and some of them have formed a ring where the skin is peeling.


Wendell has Cushings and is now on a maintance dose of Lysodren three times a week. His skin is always thin and he bruises easily, but these are new.







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Pictures are too small to see clearly, but I'd get him to the vet tomorrow to be checked out. This is spreading (on him) and may be contagious to you and anyone else that comes in contact with them.

Kathy and Q (CRT Qadeer from Fuzzy's Cannon and CRT Bonnie) and
Jane (WW's Aunt Jane from Trent Lee and Aunt M); photos to come.

Missing Silver (5.19.2005-10.27.2016), Tigger (4.5.2007-3.18.2016),
darling Sam (5.10.2000-8.8.2013), Jacey-Kasey (5.19.2003-8.22.2011), and Oreo (1997-3.30.2006)

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