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Question About Worms!

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Our new foster that, fell into our laps unexpectedly Tuesday while my husband was out running in our local forestry, has hookworm and whipworm pretty bad. The first thing I did was take him to the vet for his shots and they gave him his first dose I'd drontal plus. They are going to give him his next round in 3 weeks when he goes in for his neuter.


Anyway, vet said that our others should be fine since they are on trifexis. She also said to pick up his poos, but here's the problem. He's had pretty much water poos since he's been here. When I've caught him going I have been trying to go and spray the area with bleach, but I know I've missed several times. Obviously there is nothing to pick up.... My problem is do I need to be worried about my whole yard getting infested or since its only getting colder here will my yard be okay? I really worry because we just moved to a new house with almost an entire acre fenced in for them to run. I hate to think of the yard being infested with parasites!

**Shellie with GiGi aka: Good Girl (Abita Raginflame X Ace High Heart) and two honorary hounds Butter and Bella**


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