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Question About Canine Blood Types

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Awhile ago I learned that while most dogs will tolerate a first blood transfusion of any blood type, broods need their own type because antibodies cross the placental wall. Here is the original thread.


Jaynie was at the clinic today so I asked them to test her for blood type. The report said "DEA Negative".


From the little bit of reading I've done since, it seems that there should be a number as well, e.g., DEA 1.1 Negative?


I am hoping someone who understands the classifications will chime in with more information, please!


Thank you!



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Most places only type for DEA 1.1 as it is the most antigenic. So if there is no number you can probably assume it is 1.1. I would check with the clinic to be sure.


The only place I have been to that did fuller typing was OSU.

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