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Loose Poop And New Food Question

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So, I switched to Annemaet food and the dogs love it. The good news it that I have WAY less poop. They went from pooping HUGE amounts of poop 3-4 times/day to pooping 2-3 times/day and they're small.


BUT...we have loose poops. Mason, particularly has very loose poops. We've only been on it for a 2-3 weeks. How long do I give it for them to acclimate to it? Also, should I give Mason pumpkin or let him acclimate on his own? Molly has loose poops sometimes but not all the time.


If you're wondering it's a great food, small bites, they seem to be eating less of it since it's a higher quality and I LOVE the less poop thing! :) I would highly recommend it (loose poops aside).



GG, Mason and Molly

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Sometimes loose poop means you are overfeeding (not always) . With any new food, make sure you are following the amounts to be fed based on the dog's weight that is noted on the package. It's real easy to change food and continue to to feed 2 cups "because that's what he always eats..." You may need less of a richer or higher calorie food.


I found that things like pumpkin, yogurt etc always make it worse. Those just don't work for Rocket.


I would try cutting back by 1/4 cup at a time with a week or so between adjustments to that amount and see if it gets better. He could just need an adjustment to the amount of food, not necessarily add-ins or a different food.


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Guest joviemom

What were you feeding before? I would look at the difference in fat, protein, and fiber.


I know for my girl I have to seriously watch how much fat she gets because it runs right through her.


Pumpkin (or sweet potato) for me always worked, I know some dogs dont have the same reaction though

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