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Crying & One Back Leg Shaking

Guest freightsmom

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Guest freightsmom

Just got home and was feeding the pack. Freight was in another room while Cruise and Kai ate their dinner when he started to cry loudly. Ran in to to see what happened and he was standing up with his back legs very stiff and planted somewhat wide apart. His back right leg was shaking pretty hard and did not stop until I started to massage it. It started shaking again a minute later and again I massaged until it stopped. I did not feel any type of cramp in the leg. Got him to lie down and he is okay now.


Freight just turned 10 and has always had some rear leg shaking since we adopted him at almost 4 yrs old. Usually this occurs when he has been running with the others in the yard or standing for a long time. Today, he has just gotten off his bed and stood long enough to eat. Not sure if I should have him checked out in the next day or so or wait to see if it happens again.


What would you guys do? Thanks!



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I'm not sure I'd go to the vet right off--it could just be a muscle spasm.


Hard as it would be to do when he's hurting, try to video the leg shaking when he's hurting, and keep filming while you massage the leg or do whatever you need to do to make him feel better. Then you'll have something to show the vet...

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Check his foot on that leg extra-carefully -- pads, in between the pads, up between the toes, along the nailbeds; gently squeeze each toe and wiggle each toenail. There's probably nothing there but always worth a check.


If he doesn't have any evident health problems (heart disease, kidney disease), give him half a banana or a couple teaspoons of molasses for the potassium every couple days. Don't overdo, just want to boost a little. Low potassium can contribute to muscle cramping, especially in the hot months.

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