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Bit/scratched On The Nose

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When Tracker came home from being boarded for the day last Sunday, I noticed two shallow scratches right on his nose. They weren't bleeding, but they were raw. Two days later, today, they got wider and the nose has started to swell ever so slightly in that area. Obviously, he licks there anyways when eating or whenever else, and now probably even more, though I don't see any out of the ordinary amount of licking. Every now and then, when he snoozes, the scratches start drying up, but all it takes is one lick and the drying process has ended, and there will be a tiny bit of blood. I tried to apply an antiseptic, but that was met with great upset-ness and vigorous licking, as I suspected it would. How on earth can I keep him from licking (can I?!) and how long should I give it before taking him to the vet, and then what can the vet do anyways? Antibiotics to speed the healing?

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felix scratched his nose on a crate while being boarded. it was right at the point where the black nose meets the skin on their snout. i put antibiotic ointment on it(which he licked) and it took a while to heal. it was pink for a while but the pigmentation returned in a short period of time. i would call the kennel and complain, let them know that they need to be observant and find out if he was w/ other dogs. hopefully it's not a bite, but most likely a scratch. antibiotics slow the healing process, if you are applying it regularly the nose will heal from the inside out which is what you want. did you quick wash it w/ peroxide, i swear by that stuff. i wash it clean then apply a triple antibiotic ointment.

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