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Soft Paw Pads ?

Guest Loki

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Hi everyone



Has anyone ever heard of anything like this :


Our almost 9 year old male greyhound Loki has had 3 surgeries to remove tiny glass / debris from his paws in the last 3 years. We live in a city , but no other hound we know has had this problem. Our best guess is that he has very soft paws ?


We have tried booties and socks and he freaks out . He is a very sensitive boy and and any change takes a real toll on him . We need to find a way to get him to wear something because this problem keeps recurring



any thoughts would be appreciated

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Try PAWZ dog boots. They are an inexpensive solution so if it fails you are not out the price of an expensive set of boots. They are well tolerated by far more dogs than any other boot I know. PAWZ are reuseable, disposable, biodegradable & come in packs of a dozen you have spares if one is lost or gets a tear. Yes, they could be cut by glass but they protect quite well from the smaller slivers & bits of glass that would otherwise get stuck in your dogs pads. They also protect from ice, salt, hot pavement, etc. These are what I used when my dog is walking downtown in areas with construction or lots of broken glass.


ETA link to product http://pawzdogboots.com/

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