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Where Is Osu?

Guest FrankieWylie

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Guest FrankieWylie

Thank you!


If I have the option of sending thyroid test to OSU or MSU which should I choose?


My vet reccoend MSU because of their endo work, but I had never heard it mentioned here until I just looked at some thyroid threads.


He wasn't aware of a greyhound specific program at OSU and asked which one it was. So thank you....because I didn't know either :-)

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I just wanted to say that OSU is more than cancer. They have a hematologist (Dr. Iazbik) who specializes in greyhounds. They also have a general practice vet who sees only greyhounds. Of course this is in addition to all of the cancer specialists.


That being said, I believe that most greyhound docs recommend MSU (most common around here by far!) and Dr. Dodds for Thyroid testing. The greyhound group at OSU recommends using MSU. MSU has the ability to perform a free T4 by equilibrium dialysis. Be sure to get the full panel, including TSH.


Here is the link to the greyhound program at OSU:




And here is the link to the OSU document on Greyhound Blood Values. There is a section on Thyroid values:




And an article on thyroid values in greyhounds:






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