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New Food – Bad Teeth?

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I’ve had Lila for two years. She got a dental just before I adopted her and her teeth have been good since then. She’d get a little build up on her canines, but that’s all. I recently noticed her teeth are getting yucky, more build up on the canines and her molars have a lot of plaque. This seems to coincide with changing her food. I changed her from Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice to Fromm Gold Large Breed Adult. The transition to the new food has been fine; no issues, poops are even better than they were on Diamond, so I feel comfortable saying the Fromm agrees with her. Kibble size of the foods are the same. Nothing else in our routine has changed. I do Petzlife gel every day, brush about once a week, and she gets a bully stick once a week.


Could there be something in the Diamond that prevented plaque? Or something in the Fromm that is causing it? Or just a coincidence? Has anyone else experienced this?

Lila Football
Jerilyn, missing Lila (Good Looking), new Mistress to Wiki (PJ Wicked).



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Guest BrianRke

I would have to say its probably a coincidence. I too switched from Diamond Naturals to Fromms during the recall and I havent noticed any changes in their teeth. I only have one that gets dentals and he is my 10yo. The others never need them :dunno


Maybe try turkey necks

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