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Violet Coughing

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Violet woke me up at 4 am doing what I can only imagine is coughing. It was persistent and loud enough to wake me up. I got up and stroked her throat a bit thinking maybe something had just irritated her and things seemed to eventually calm down as she went back to sleep. Unfortunately my foggy brain only thought to take video at this point, but here's what I got:

She only does it a couple of times and again, at this point they're smaller and quieter, but you can see her stomach puff each time and hear the hack I think.


Throughout the rest of the night, I heard a cough (assuming that's what it is) here and there, but we all slept pretty well. In the morning it started up again full force, until she finally calmed down and we went out for a potty walk. She was fine while we were outside and is now curled up next to me not doing it at all.


We coincidentally have a vet appt this afternoon so I will of course be bringing this up, but does anyone have any thoughts on what's going on? My initial thought was kennel cough, but her exposure to something like that would be limited. My mom suggested seasonal allergies. The only other thing I can think of is that they treated our lawns about a week ago, but it never really rained afterward like it was supposed to so maybe she inhaled or ingested something that's irritating her? Obviously if it doesn't happen again, I'll chalk it up to irritation and not worry about it, but I want to be prepared to discuss it with my vet. Thanks!


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Guest larock

Our girl started doing this a week ago but the vet could not figure it out. She was gagging/coughing and generally acting under the weather; not playing, not wanting food, not running 1000 miles an hour, just laying on her bed very still. So we took her to the vet and they xrayed to make sure there was no blockage in her airway or stomach/intestines. She was given a sulcrate prescription and put on soft food - nothing hard or scratchy. After about 4 days she returned to her silly self but we are still very guardedand not sure it won't return. It was all very perplexing indeed and don't think I'd rule out allergies either.


I hope your girl is better soon.

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