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Is This A Malformed Pad Or Some Kind Of Growth?

Guest Blitzkrieg

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Guest Blitzkrieg

Wilbon was a bit gimpy after playing today

i was looking at his paws for any cuts-sores and noticed one of his pad has a big outgrowth.

i wasnt sure if it was just a malformed pad or something more serious.

going to check with vet anyway, but has anyone seen this?











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That's really interesting! Has he always had an odd pad, or is this new? He almost looks like he's growing an extra pad!


Could be a malformation of the keratin (hyperkeratosis), or it could be a growth of some kind. I'd certainly let the vet take a look. Good luck with it!


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Guest SoulsMom

Looks like it could be Discoid Lupus. Soul has it and his pads "overgrow". How's his nose? Any pink spots? Does it still have it's cobblestone appearance?

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Huh. It almost looks like a partial extra toe. Unlike any other toe-pad growths I've ever seen.


This is a nutsy tangent, but I remember in gradeschool, a kid who had an "eleventh toe" that was sort of conjoined with the big toe on one of his feet. :lol


I'll be curious what your vet has to say. Hope the limp is nothing. :goodluck

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Guest Blitzkrieg

vet said it is a Plantar Wart

he wants us to put vaseline on it and wrap it in a plastic bag, then boot a bootie on.

if it doesnt go away they will have to dig it out

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