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Purina En Gastroenteric


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Annie Bella's formed soft stools (but usually firm enough to pick up with a scooper) degraded into soft serve ice cream and she started losing a bit of weight. I immediately started her on a bland chicken/rice diet and also the vet put her on Metronidazole. She is now at the end of her second 10-day dose of Metronidazole as well as probiotics prescribed by the vet. There has been minimal improvement, but not enough, so the vet prescribed Purina EN Gastroenteric dry food.


Does anybody have experience with this food? I'm hoping that the 18# of EN, plus the continuation of probiotics, will at least bring her to having stools formed enough to use a pooper scooper, even if soft.

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Yes to fecal. No to blood work. Because I like to know *yesterday* what's wrong (whether it be me or Annie) so the problem can be addressed, I'm willing to work with my vet by taking it slowly. If Annie were actually sick -- that is acting sick, lethargic, running a temp, uninterested in food, stuffies and walks, etc. - then I would have everything done ASAP, but she's not. She's happy, running around, playing hide 'n seek with her stuffies (and my socks), eating just fine and always looking forward to the walks or the dog park.


I'm glad to read that in your experience the 'script food we got goes over better than Hill's. I soooo hope we can get her back to "normal" and then she can return to her normal, quality, dog food. It's expensive but not $56 for 18#!!

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Sorry to hear about Annie Bella's soft serve. :( That's no fun.


While not quite the same problem, just fyi ... my 12+ yr old female has some elevated kidney values. Last month, I started her on Purina NF (prescription kidney food). I integrated slowly just like any other food. I do mix it with canned food as she won't eat plain, dry kibble (of course, her stools which were firm are now kinda soft, but I digress). But anyway, so far, so good.


Also, I will mention that I serve my other two hounds a 50/50 mix of Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach (had have great luck with this food) and Blue Basics (Salmon and Potato) -- both are for dogs with sensitive stomachs.


Not sure what you were feeding your girl but there are some decent (non-prescription) food choices out there. Again, I also try to avoid products with wheat, corn, and soy.


How old is Annie Bella? Good luck!

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It's so good to get input from others' experiences.


Annie will be 4 in November. She was on Eagle Pack but didn't much like it so I weaned her to Blue Diamond, which she refused to eat. I then weaned her to Purina Pro Plan. She *loves* that and was doing OK... until she wasn't. I was careful to do the weaning slowly by substituting no more than 1/4 cup of new for old. She had been on full Pro Plan a couple of weeks before the soft serve started.


I'm starting a list of the suggestions: oatmeal and sensitive stomach foodies. I'm also starting the Vetri Probiotics.


Fecal was most recently done right after the soft serve started.

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Update: Annie's poop is more 'normal' than it's ever been. I actually wished I had somebody to show, "Look at that. My girl's pooping normal," when on our walk this evening. :lol I don't think the Purina EN Gastroenteric has as much to do with it (because she's had only 3 meals of it, including supper an hour ago) as the probiotics and the Metronidazole. There are only 2 more days of Metronidazole, but I will continue with the special diet and of course the probiotics. I doubt I'll ever not give them to her if she continues to poop good.


If anybody had told me 2 months ago that today I'd be watching my dog's rear end wondering what will come out, I would have though they were nuts. :P

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Oh my word, I know exactly what you mean about watching pooh. My neighbors probably think we're nuts.

I had and still have the same problem.

We adopted a beautiful 2 1/2 y o male in April. Came home with runny pooh, okay two week off the track. He did test positive for round worms, they were cleared up and still had the big D. Blood work done all negative.

Poor guy, had an Ultra Sound, special diet Hill's EN but then after a colonoscopy, yep colonoscopy, changed to Hill's z/d and they want him on that for a year, he's also on an antibotic. He's a big guy and dropped down to 60lbs and that really scared us. Specialist did another Ultra Sound gratis, thank goodness, everything was negative and went from liquid to soft serve. We had to shovel the poohs, our yard has divits all over. Diagnosed with IBD, Irritable Bowel Disorder. After $3,000 in medical bills it's frustrating seeing he has the same problem.

When I read your problems you have and you spoke about Pro Plan EN, since the Hills isn't changing anything thought I would ask the vet for the Pro Plan EN, if you saw a change. He's now up to 80lbs and looks great but still loose soft serve.

Sorry to ramble.


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I'm fairly new to this board but I don't think we have to apologize for rambling. We love our dogs and want to ensure we get all the info down here.


Annie's been on the Purina EN Gastro for 6 days as well as Vetri Probiotics and her stools are what they were 24 hours after starting the prescription food, which is pretty good. They are formed, albeit soft. She has regained the 4 pounds she lost and is, as she was when in the midst of soft serve, happy, liking her walks and dog parks, and eating well. She really likes the EN food, which is good 'cause she be a bit picky. I'm hoping to eventually wean her off it because it's expensive. If not a total weaning, it would be nice to do 75 percent the Purina EN and 25 percent something else that doesn't cost $56 for 18 pounds.


Good luck with your boy.

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